Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Thirtieth Adventure

Cast of Characters
“Send” – Dean
Seth – Mike
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Vengeful – Quinn

After the children are taken by Rovagug. The group in shock and disbelief each do their own thing before leaving for Ulfgar. Pathox angry with his gargoyle for not protecting Cassie, decides to punish by taking his wings and making him protect one platinum from a mob. Seth prays to his god and finds that there isn’t much the gods can do. Thadeus calls his dwarven militia to meet him in Ulfgar. Shere Khan rushes to Ulfgar to speak with Prince Fifftiffnes. Send attempts to fix the portal in Highfall. He can not do it but learns that this portal will burn out soon. Which will make Highfall a safe haven for children.
The group rushes to Ulfgar to meet with the King. Upon arrival they are directed straight to the King. In the chambers are a sea of important people discussing what has happened. The paladins wish to attack the Temples of Rovagug for his taking the children. One Anti-Paladin tells them this is only a distraction. He says we have Rovagug on the ropes and he is only trying to distract us. When asked for an opinion, the group agrees with the Anti-Paladin. They know it is time for them to head in to the realm of Underdark and face their destiny. Thadeus offers to use his group of Dwarves to get payback against the Priests of Rovagug. After the meeting, the King pulls them in to his private chamber and wishes to know what happened. We give him all the details and he gives us the rest of his fortune (500000 gold). He asks if we can to find a way to save the children to at least try. They learn that he lost two of his own children to Nue’s Song. He also informs us that there is a group of Drow waiting to speak with us.
They meet with the four Drow; A Bard, A young wizard named Maedriz, A thief named Sabet Spear, and an old crone named Aun Guan. They say they have been sent by Lady Dominique to be their guide but we must choose which one. We learn a little about them. The young wizard wants the thrill of learning from us and being around power. She also wouldn’t mind sleeping with some of us. The thief is only here because he has been commanded to be. The old crone believes in our cause but will not coddle us. She will tell us what needs to be done and expects us to follow. Seth doesn’t want to go with the old woman though most of the group thinks she would be the best choice. The group sends them away for the day while they discuss who to take.
The day goes by and after much debate they decide to take the Old Woman but they hear of a spy in the King’s inner circle. Shere Khan gives Thadeus his artifact to read minds and has him search out the traitor. They meet up with the four Drow and excuse the bard and thief. Thadeus finds out that Maedriz is not who she seems to be. Thadeus lets Shere Khan know and gives him back his amulet. They confront the woman and she splits in to 3 different monsters.
After the battle, the group talks with the Old Crone about the details of where they are going. Seth demands that she makes no sacrifices while she is with us. She agrees but tells us the Drow plan to execute 100 people in our name to welcome us and gain the favor of their god. The group is split on this decision and decide to discuss it later. SHe says we will be leaving within the next couple of weeks.
The group goes out and buys equipment for their journey and then decide to part ways to put their house in order.


After this adventure the group is now 14 and a third. Also I didn’t put in what each person did for their individual time. I figure you can either email Mike or write it in the comments section of this adventure.

Thirtieth Adventure

Thadeus decided to have a quiet wedding ceremony. He married his Cohort Serinda and the Fae Lady Essly. For a wedding gift Seth gave him a Luck Stone. Thadeus also set the Rat’s Fang with the duty of hunting down and killing Priests of Rovagug. He also had them join up with some Inquisitors and his wife to make sure they find the right people. He put his new wives in charge of his house while he is away.

Thirtieth Adventure

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