Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Thirty First Adventure

In to the Deep

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
“Sen” – Dean
Seth – Mike
Shere Khan – Tim
Pathox the Prestigious – Quinn

The group continues to set their affairs in order. They meet up with Aun Guan who seems to have been waiting awhile. Thadeus asks if they were supposed to meet up earlier. She says that obviously not because this seems to not be important. The group decides to leave Ulfgar. They travel to the circle with the priestess. She covers the circle as she is entering the address for the Underdark. Thadeus spots the address and lets Sen know what it is. The circle activates and the group heads out on their journey.
They arrive in the Underdark. The Drow circle seems to be in great need of repair. The only statues surrounding it are ones of evil or neutral gods. They seemed to Jury rig their circle with some unusual plants. As they are walking, Aun Guan tells them about the layout of the city. She also informs them they will be staying at an inn near the lower level. We can explore if we wish but she tells us it would be in our best interest to stay out of the temple of Lolth. Sen turns himself in to a Female Drow. We enter the Drow inn and find it is full. Shere Khan walks in confident and unafraid as he approaches the bar and asks for a glass of milk. The bar tender gives him a strange drink squeezed from a slug. Thadeus watches the crowd in the bar and realizes that every single person in the bar is a spy. They are seeking information on what and who we are. Sen talks with the bar tender and reveals his true identity. Thadeus begins a card game with Sen, Seth, and a Drow Noble. He beats them all hands down and is accused of cheating. The man goes to attack Thadeus but Seth turns him in to a sheep.
The next morning, Aun Guan returns to tell us about the ceremony that will happen for our arrival. They will be sacrificing 100 criminals in our name. We will be asked to speak after their will be some of the crowd against us. How we deal with them is very important, we must show power. Seth and Sen sneak off to where the speech will be given. They examine the area and find powerful magic all around especially in the center of the platform. The group decides to wait until the speech.
The day of the speech comes and we are escorted through the main chamber. We must walk up to the main chamber through the crowd gathered. Thadeus is hit by a spell that drains him of life. He then puts five arrows through his head. No one else seems to be bothered except Pathox who seems to scare everyone he passes. He witnesses a mother beat her son. He ignores it telling them, “The Lino cares nothing what the Sheep think.” Once at the top, the Queen gives her speech about allying with the Godborn and defeating Rovagug. We are each asked to speak to the crowd, we each go in order with Pathox going last. We all do well and Pathox caps it off with a grand speech. The crowd begins chanting and wanting us to pledge to Lolth’s cause. Thadeus asks Aun Guan what words need to be said to accept. She says just step forward and accept. Thadeus is the first to do so. He chooses to accept a scar down his shooting arm. Sen and Shere Khan accept one on their face. Pathox and Seth are given one by Lolth. We have been given rights and privileges of Noble Drow. They begin sacrificing the hundred criminals. Seth hears the voice of his mother and looks over to see that within the hundred are 20 boy children. Seth walks forward and demands that these 20 are released as his servants. We are told we will be given our next test by Aun Guan and if we succeed it will solidify our allegiance.
Aun Guan comes to us and tells us our next task is to find seven items that were taken by Lolth after a Priestess disappointed her. These seven items will repair the Drow circle. The seven items are Set of Runes, a Power Crystal, a Power Key, the Hand of a Deity, a Lost Soul, a forever light, and a loveless kiss. We must travel down to the vault. A while ago an earthquake happened and the vault broke through in to the Drow territory. We ask for an escort which makes the trip easier. There are still battles but they are quickly handled.
We arrive at breech in the ground. There is an opening with Lava pouring down through it. The Drow soldiers say they will wait here until our return or sign of our death. As we are heading down there is no sign of this place ever ending. We land in a place of water. We must find the first item in the depth of this water. The group begins looking when they are attacked by a Pit Fiend. The group begins the fight but before they can kill the beast he enacts a wish. Time rewinds as if the battle never happened. The only people that remember it are Thadeus, Shere Khan, and Seth. They head back down to find the Hand of the Deity. They look for the way out to find a portal to the next area. It is an icy world, it is so cold that they take damage every moment they are here. They are traveling when they are attacked by a group of Horned Devils. They quickly dispatch the five devils and Seth retrieves the Power Crystal. They find a place to rest for the evening and have spent two days looking for the next portal. We appear in a swamp land. Pathox uses a spell to find our next item. He gets a feeling it is two hundred feet North in a patch of land with a Giant Venus Fly Trap. Sen sends a giant fireball at the creature. Shere Khan runs up and attacks. The creature has a bunch of slugs surrounding it. Shere Khan lays the killing blow on the Fly Trap. Sen decides to kill all the little slugs. We find the third item, Set of Runes. We decide to rest for the night and Seth casts a spell that creates a giant mansion.


We are now level 14 and two thirds.

Thirty First Adventure

I only had a short downtime. Thadeus received a note about his father being retired. Thadeus thinking that was strange, would have to investigate later.

Thirty First Adventure

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