Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Thirty Fourth Adventure

The Dynamic Duo

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Daunting – Quinn

Pathox heads back to the Thriae after collecting our gear. The Thriae are happy to see him return. He begins telling people about his amazing feat of destroying Rovagug. He asks them if there is a way for him to be sent back to Ulfgar with his girl Cassie. They tell him the drow have set up a system to help people travel but it takes extra time. They tell him he shouldn’t leave until the group finishes their quest for the drow. He decides to wait with the Thriae to see if Thadeus returns.
Thadeus awakens in the northern part of the peninsula. He begins using his survival skills to make his way home. While journeying he sees a man sitting near a fire. He recognizes the man as the Keeper of the Vault. He sits with the man and they talk for awhile. He tells them the Gods are scared and now mourn the loss of one of their own, even if it was Rovagug. Thadeus says they don’t need to fear him, for he would not use it again if he could. Thadeus asks him if the Vaultkeeper can repair the circles. He says no but he has a way of helping him. He tells Thadeus to watch the stars and see what he can observe. Thadeus begins watching the stars when he witnesses a star falling to the ground and sees it land. They say goodbye to each other and Thadeus heads out to find the fallen star. When he arrives at the crater he finds tracks leading from the impact. He investigates the crater and finds crystals that he gathers up before following the tracks. He comes across a woman who has been slightly injured. He patches her up as best as he can. As she awakens, Thadeus begins trying to speak with her but they don’t speak the same language. They form a kind of crude communication and he gives her some of the crystal he found. She begins eating them and thanks him.
They head out and are found by Ulfgar five days later. Thadeus upon arriving heads to Prince Fifftiffnes and learns the girls name from him. Her name is Aven Turon and she is from Lapis. He realizes she comes from the crystal that was at the base of the First Circle. The Prince tells him that the Rat’s Fang are prospering quite well and have trained themselves to hunt down the Priests of Rovagug. The Prince informs him that he is being asked to be the Head of the Truthseekers. Thadeus is glad to hear that and wishes him the best. He then departs to return to Underdark. The Drow have set up outposts and helping people travel. Thadeus thanks every caster he comes across; Some are grateful for his words, some are scornful, and most are just neutral to his praise. He arrives back in the Thriae territory.
Thadeus and Pathox join up and are asked by the Thriae what they plan to do. Pathox hears of a Red Dragon seeking to become a Lich. The Dragon possesses an item that enhances his breath weapon greatly. But the Thriae also could use some help fighting back the invading demons. They decide to head out and find this item. They head through these tunnels made of compacted sand with tunnels going everywhere. They are attacked by an eastern dragon. The dragon attacks and then runs away. Pathox decides to try and talk to it. He makes a pact with the dragon and he leads us to the Red Dragon’s Lair.
As they are walking through the lair. They can see slaves lying around. The dragon begins his attack and keeps trying to isolate Thadeus. Pathox and Thadeus after a couple seconds begin to get the upper hand. Thadeus kills the beast but a spell goes off an restores the creature. After a little more fighting they begin pommeling the dragon. Seeing his defeat is imminent, the dragon tries to surrender but Thadeus finishes him off. They collect the item and Thadeus finds a Belt of Strength +6. They head back to the Thriae.
The Thriae need extra support. The demons have been summoning reinforcements. So Thadeus and Pathox head out to face the new threat. They must go against a formation of Ice Devils. Thadeus stays back and rains arrows down from a distance, while Pathox charges in to face them. After a few minutes, they quickly route the enemy making a clear victory for the Thriae. All they have left is to defeat the Leader of the Demon Horde.


We are now level 15 and 2/3’s.

Thirty Fourth Adventure

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