Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Thirty Second Adventure

Undead Dragon and Really Big Bugs

Cast of Characters
Pathox the Crafty – Quinn
Seth – Mike
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

The group awakens inside the mansion Seth summoned. They are well rested and they begin searching the swamp for their next destination. They find a giant door with ancient writing on it. They can not fully decipher it but what they can read is, “Do not awaken…” Pathox decides to try and open the door. It takes a great deal of might but he succeeds, after making a lot of noise, at getting the door open a crack. The rest of the group disappears in to the shadows without Pathox noticing. They hear loud thuds coming from the inside as a creature approaches. Pathox decides to try and hide after he closes the door.
The doors slam open as a colossal Blue dragon emerges. Half of his flesh has rotted away and the group can see his parts of his skeleton. They quickly realize he is undead. He asks who dares disturb his slumber. He appears to have rock forming on his scales. Pathox steps forth and says we are the God-born and we did not mean to awaken him. The Dragon appears to smile and tells them to follow him for there is much to discuss. The group follows him inside, all come out of stealth except Thadeus. After he introduces himself, the dragon has servants serve food as he begins asking how things are going on the surface. The group explains to him about the Narn and the old gods. Seth asks him how long he has been down here. He can not give an exact time but says he was trapped down here by a foul wizard named Tobius. He lets us know he has sent some of his minions to investigate the next area. Pathox really wants his treasure and asks several times if he can have some. When his minions return he tells us we will be going in to a weird place where movement is hampered like we were under water. Our rings of freedom of movement won’t work there. He offers to enchant them to work there but there is a chance they will be destroyed. Everyone accepts the offer and the only ring that gets destroyed is Shere Khans. Gengo, the dragon, tells us about the people living in this place. They are a race known as the Thriae. They are humanoid bees that are a peaceful race but are under siege by slime demons. We could help them or use this as a distraction to attain our new item. He says the demons are using Peri for some purpose. He then takes Shere Khan aside and offers him another ring if he is willing to retrieve something for him. He wishes for the Queen’s pheromone sack. He doesn’t care how it is attained he just wants it. Shere Khan after much thought says no. Seth then summons his Peri to learn about what they might be doing. She comes to this place and explains that her tribe was attacked and many Peri were stolen. They did not know who did this but she wishes us to save who we can.
The group leaves for there next destination. Upon arrival they feel the affects of this place it is almost like walking through Jello. We decide that since Thadeus can see farther then anyone in the group, and the enemy, he should lead while we stealth. Shere khan gives him his necklace to read the minds of enemies so we can avoid patrols. Do to this they have constant control of the battlefield. They attack a large group of creatures torturing two Peri. We kill them all and save the two. The two Peri after there ordeal decide to swear allegiance to Pathox. They wish to be used to bring destruction to his enemies.
They decide to camp for the night. Seth summons his mansion and the group head in. Seth’s Peri gets a sense of a person wanting to meet us. Thadeus, Shere Khan, and Pathox head out to intercept this person. It is a Thriae Seer. She is disappointed that the one who walks in light is not with us. We try to tell her that he is resting to regain his spells. This upsets her more because she feels we have insulted her. So they go get Seth and bring him to her. She tells us that she receive a vision that Shere Khan, Pathox, and Seth would come to save them. She then takes us to the Princess who has been trying to lead her people while the Queen is captured. She gives Shere Khan and Seth some Merope. At first they are hesitant to drink but they do. Once they drink it Seth has all his spells returned and Shere Khan is no longer affected by this place. We orchestrate an attack against two of the demons three camps. The princess will attack the slave camp an free them to help. At the same time we will be attacking the area they are using the Peri to make some kind of magical weapons. Once the plan is made we split up and head out to attack.
We arrive at the site of this magical ritual. There is a hag there waiting for us. She has more demons and four magical beasts with her. She wishes to talk with us before we begin. She admires us and doesn’t wish to fight but she is compelled to do so. She shows us a brand that was given to her. It forces her to Rovagug’s will. She wishes to hear from each of us. Pathox gives her a rousing speech about hope. She decides to fight her bonds and succeeds. She then casts Slow Time on the enemy and is killed by the magic of the Brand. Her soul is sent to Rovagug to be forever tormented. The group launches there attack. Pathox dimension doors and takes the Peri away so they can not be used as weapons. Thadeus and Shere Khan rip in to their enemies with ferocity downing the three of the four magical beasts quickly. Seth casts a spell paralyzing the demons. When time resumes, the three creatures explode and this drops Thadeus and kills most of the demons. Shere Khan severally injures the fourth creature and Pathox drops it in to a pit of acid before it can explode.
After the battle they meet up with the Princess whom was successful with her attack. The General of the demons has called back most of his forces to defend his place. So the group starts heading to the castle to rescue the Queen. It takes several hours to get there and sneak in. Upon arriving in the throne room they see a bunch of Thriae, including the Queen, have been tortured and other horrid things. There are a handful of Demons, Four Canon Golems, and four weird shadowy creatures. Thadeus tries to communicate with the Queen through Shere Khan’s necklace. To his surprise it works. He tells her they are here to rescue her and asks if there is any way for her to control the golems. She says she can help us but in return we must help her die. Thadeus reluctantly agrees. As the battle breaks out, the Canon Golems begin shooting a glass to release a swarm of Thriae. The group begins killing the demons while protecting Seth from the shadowy creatures. Once the swarm is released Thadeus shoots the Queen with an arrow, ending her life. The group quickly dispatches the enemies with the help of the Swarm and Canon Golems.
After the battle, Thadeus goes to the Queen and begins a prayer in her honor asking his god to help her to her afterlife. He gets a feeling of peace when he does this. The Princess comes in and begins to sing a song to her people. We have won the day and she gives us the forever light, the fourth piece they need to repair the Drow circle. The group rests here and help the Thriae any way they can.


We are now level 15. We did get some items to sell and I will be posting them later.

Thirty Second Adventure

3 hide armor, +9(5 enhancement plus 1 keen and +3 speed) Scimitar, Gold thread worth 1500 gold.
Cloak of Shadows (
10 to stealth, masks who you are.)
We can sell these later and discuss if anyone needs or wants this stuff.

Thirty Second Adventure

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