Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Thirty Third Adventure

The Kinslayer Duel and Deicide

Cast of Character
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Isabella – Robert
“Sen” – Dean
Pathox the Silver Tongued – Quinn

The group starts out speaking with the newly crowned Queen of the Thriae. She informs them that she can perform a vision to guide us on our next part of our journey. Thadeus comments about how we probably wont all be involved in the vision. The Queen smiles about his comment. The group accepts her assistance. They are inform they must drink the Merope. Sen and Isabella reluctantly accept, while Pathox and Thadeus chug theirs down.
They receive a vision of Nue talking with Rovagug. There are six others with them. She is told that we are proceeding quickly through the vault. But the children of Ulfgar are being moved to Highfall which is what Rovagug wants. She is handed a power crystal and told not to screw up. If she does there will be a punishment worse then death.
The group startled by this revelation doesn’t know whether to continue with their quest or to try and stop Nue. The Queen tells us she is headed to a place that will take us a week to get to, but she may have a way to speed our journey. We head to an altar of an old Thriae demigod. We must offer something to get the old spirits attention and approval. Thadeus steps forward and drinks the Royal Merope, then offers her one of his Ion stones. Pathox gives a grand speech and drinks the Merope. Isabella speaks in the Thriae language and drinks. Sen gives a lecture on magical theory and drinks. The spirit is moved and grants us a blessing.
The group heads out to intercept Sen’s sister. They are traveling what seems like forever. They come a giant waterfall that is nearly seven hundred feet tall. Pathox lets Isabella ride on him as he flies. Sen turns in to an earth elemental and burrows up the side. Thadeus begins to climb up the waterfall. As the group ascends a giant hydra with the heads of hallowed serpents bursts out of the fall near Thadeus. It rips in to him and nearly kills him. Thadeus uses his abundant step and appears at the top, chiding himself for not using it in the first place. Pathox changes the rock around the creature to mud making it slip. Then Isabella charges it and pushes it off the face. As it falls in to oblivion the group meets Thadeus at the top, he is using his wand multiple times to heal up.
They head out and appear at a lake that is dead calm. The place seems off and the group is hesitant to move forward. They gather there resolve and head out. They get through the area unharmed and end near a doorway. They open the door and find children in cages surrounded by Neolithids and other creatures. There is a man holding a lever that will kill the children and send their souls to Rovagug. Pathox notices his little girl is in one. As the battle begins, Pathox springs forth and breaks the cage the girl is imprisoned in. Thadeus then shoots the lever and breaks it, this causes a giant explosion that incinerates the man holding it. The rest of the group is easily dispatched. Pathox is relieved to find the girl alive but would never admit it. Sen casts a spell and summons a mansion to sleep in.
Sen heads to his room while Isabella and Thadeus play with the kids. During the night everyone hears singing coming from somewhere in the mansion. Sen quickly searches for his sister. Pathox is awakened by the singing to find his girl is really Nue. He is shocked and can do nothing but move. Sen bursts in to confront Nue. She tells him that they are meant to fight where the gods sing. He wishes to fight now and they begin a wizard’s duel. As that happens Greater Shadows begin appearing as the kids die. Thadeus and Isabella are busy fighting them off. Pathox prays to his god and gets a vision of our deaths and is cured of his nausea. Pathox disheartened doesn’t wish to tell the group and heads in to battle. The group keeps fighting swarms of enemies until they pass away.
Sen continues his duel with Nue and though he has many spells receives a vision from Nethys. Telling him that in death lies possibilities. Sen is hesitant and continues his duel. Nethys continues to tell him. Sen gets pissed and tells Nethys to just kill him already, as he launches one last spell at Nue. His riptide tears in to and kills her.
The group is revived in Ulfgar. When they awaken they are surrounded by clerics of the gods. They say they received a vision to come here. They are told now is the time to strike since Rovagug is distracted and most of his forces are out. We must head to the first circle ever made and stop his spell. They are given equipment and Thadeus stops at his vault to grab an artifact.
Sen is given sequence for the first circle. He activates the circle and the group disappears.
They arrive in a vast chamber with a hollow circle with platforms surrounding it. The is a giant crystal in the center emanating magical power, which makes Sen drool a little. They can see the form of Rovagug at the bottom of this pit feeding on the souls being absorbed by the crystal. The group begins combat immediately getting the surprise on their enemy. Thadeus kills a Neolithid. Pathox shapes the stone making three controllers fall to meet their god. Sen dazes the enemies with an ice spell. Isabella begins charging in on her mount. They deal with the enemies directly on the platform and begin to release the slaves. Sen begins examining the panel and figures how to stop it. Pathox finds his little girl, the real one. She is alright and with a friend and her friend’s mom. Thadeus is contemplating while staring down at Rovagug. Sen figures out the controls but is still missing a component. He pulls out Tobius’s instrument and begins playing it. The mom begins singing along and the circle begins to dispell the spell cast upon it. After the spell fades, Sen contemplates destroying the circles. Nethys appears to him and has a private conversation. After the conversation, Sen seems irritated and resets all the circles but leave them intact.
Thadeus finally going through with his decision begins taking off his gear and dons the crown made to kill gods. He wishes the group good luck and asked that they will return his gear to Ulfgar. Surprised, wants to know what he is doing. Thadeus says he is going to end this by killing Rovagug. Pathox says he should be the one to do it since he is the only one who could survive. Thadeus is paused as Torag talks with him. He tells him to let the dragon do it but Thadeus says no. He says it would mean more if he did it, both for Torag and the war effort. If the soldiers knew we were willing to die for them they would fight even harder. Torag accepts his decision and Thadeus jumps towards Rovagug while activating the crown. While Thadeus falls, Pathox prays to allow the Half Dwarf access to his gift of Resurrection. A bright light flares and Rovagug is no more. But Thadeus doesn’t reappear to the group.


We are now 15 and a third level.

Thirty Third Adventure

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