Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Twenty Eighth Adventure

Exploring the Keep

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Seth – Mike
“Send” – Dean
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Valiant – Quinn

The group decides to investigate Tobius’s Keep. They find the Big Daddy Red Dragon is snooping around. They allow him passage in to the city of Highfall but do not allow him to go in to the keep. Thadeus decides to have his assistant make a law that the keep is off limits to all but those invited. The law is enforced by an extremely steep fine.
They enter the keep and arrive in a dining hall. A servant appears and begins to ask them questions. The group quickly realize the creature is stalling and trying to learn more about each of them. The creature appears and it is a Glass Golem. The battle begins, whenever one of these creatures dies they explode and turn in to a swarm of tiny golems. Send and Pathox work together to destroy the swarms.
The group goes in to the next room and finds a beautiful instrument. They sit around as the instrument begins playing a peaceful tune. After the music stops the group heads out and finds a giant chamber. Engraved in the floor is a giant golden ring. Above seems to be levels of rooms but no stairs going up. Thadeus ateps in to the circle and disappears. The group follows him through.
The group appears at a grand castle. On top of the battlements are demonic creatures and a certain Winter Knight who seems to want vengeance. In front of the castle walls are four gargantuan scorpions. The group rushes in to battle. They win the day through decimating attacks and clever spells. The Winter Knight dimension doors away before he can be killed.
After the battle, the castle comes alive with strange apparitions. They are invited to participate in a contest. Pathox enters a debate, Shere Khan shows off his amazing endurance, Thadeus gives a grand display of acrobatics, Send participates in a game of intelligence, and Seth shows off his wisdom. They are each granted a bonus to the attribute they performed.
They reappear in the keep and are greeted by Tobius. He asks us if we received his gift and if they have helped them. The group relates their stories on how his gift has helped them. He gifts the keep to us and tells us a little about it. He also has us declare our title. Each of us gives one.
The group splits up the levels between each other. They also decided all decisions regarding the keep shall be a voted upon by all members who can meet for the vote. Proxies are allowed. The group finds out that all documents have been changed to their new titles and the castle is now in their name.


Sorry this one is short and probably missing quite a few details. I don’t remember everyone’s titles. So if you could comment on this page or on your character sheet. After this adventure, we became level 13 2/3’s. I have also posted the details of Tobius’s Keep on the wiki page.

Twenty Eighth Adventure

Thadeus named himself Lord Thadeus Aeducan the Hawkeye.

Twenty Eighth Adventure

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