Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Twenty Fifth Adventure

Seth's Party and A Search for Treasure

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Pathox the Mirthful – Quinn
“Send” – Dean
Seth – Mike
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

The group is busy getting ready for Seth’s Birthday Party. Pathox is summoned by the King of Ulfgar and is informed the King is using this party to draw out any who oppose us. There is someone who is planning on killing a member of the group but they don’t know who. Pathox informs the group what is the King is planning.
The group gathers for the shindig. It is a grand party, Seth decided to have a theme where everyone brings a pet. Shere Khan takes to guarding Seth throughout the party. Thadeus catches the Jackal trying to sneak up on him. He quickly sneaks up on him and puts his arrow straight to his head. He tells him, “You have three options; you can leave, I could have you arrested, or I can put you out of your misery.” The Jackal decides to leave and Thadeus has the guards follow him out.
The party continues with three games. There is a game made for people of great intelligence. A girl with flaming red hair wins this event. The second game is a grand game of Acrobatics. Thadeus wins this game. The third game is a Zero G arena. A random party goer wins this. The girl with red hair wishes to dance with Seth. Shere Khan blocks her way but Seth accepts the dance.
After the dance, The girl wishes to give Seth a present. She grabs his hand and begins breaking it. She pulls out a ring and is trying to force it on his finger. The rest if the group notices this and starts to attack her. The Archmage pulls out a rod and Stops Time. The group is stunned to learn that they are not affected by this. The Archmage tells us we only have a short time to beat them. We see two Red Dragons frozen in place. The group kills both of them and the mage disposes of the remains. He tells us to act like nothing happened. Thadeus collects a tooth from one of the dragons. The party winds down and the group heads out to find the Lost Treasure of Joneth.
The group headed out to Creotia. They embarked on their journey through the Creotian Desert. They found the ancient mine once dug out by their past selves. Upon entering the mine they take command of a group of shadows. Seth decides to send them after the Narn forces. As they dig through the mine they find an old shaft filled with water. They decide to dive in and are aided by Seth’s spells.
They swim through the catacombs and fight some creatures. They end up in a strange cavern swirling with shadows and the ancient specter of a once faithful paladin. Send decides to attack her and the battle commences. After the battle the group finds the missing treasure of Joneth. They find crates of metal worth 100000 gold. They collect the treasure and head home.


We are now Level 12 and 2/3s.

Twenty Fifth Adventure

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