Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Twenty Ninth Adventure

Damsels in Distress

Cast of Characters
“Send” – Dean
Pathox the Jubilant – Quinn
Isabella – Robert
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

-Learned about some Duergar smuggling a human in to the city. He has his Bard look for information. He visits his dragon and beats her in to submission. He then talks her in to staying his servant. He hears the instruments in the keep playing. He heads in to the chamber and doesn’t see anyone around. He notices part of the magic of this instrument is dragon. He then relaxes and listens to the music for a time.
-Pathox comes home to his lair and finds his little girl attacking him. The gargoyle has created these gems that can give people suggestions. Pathox asks his little girl how her training is going she tells him she wishes to be a lich. He asks why and she learns she wants to be immortal and powerful. He then checks his shrines.
-Isabella works on growing her garden. She then talks the birds in to looking out for her.
-Send has his monthly meeting with Jan Greenery. Jan asks if the guild can use the arcane scrolls of seed magic. He then begins playing with the airships. He then checks up on his sewer system and keeps them on schedule.
-The group finds out the Duergar are smuggling in a girl that the temple of Rovagug is interested in. They hear one of the King’s men is a mole. The group heads to the King to inform him and offer assistance in finding this. The King gives them the power of search.
-Thadeus heads to Fifftiffnes, who thinks the group doesn’t like him. Thadeus assures him that the group appreciates all he has done for them. Thadeus gets some info that he knows isn’t true but still thanks him for his info.
-The group heads to the Slave Pits and see that the area is about a 1/3 full. The group hides and waits for the meeting. They see some Duergar are coming with a chest. Four sorcerers appear in the middle of the pit. They begin talking when Send casts a suggestion on a Duergar when combat begins. Battle breaks out. During the battle, Pathox goes down and the Isabella heals him. After the last big bad falls, Thadeus pleads with the orc guards to stop fighting. They stop and begin helping their allies.
-Send goes over and opens the chest. He finds a Slave Girl named Nue. Thadeus investigates all the bodies and finds +2 axe(x6) 49800 gold, +2 waraxes (x6) 49800 gold, 6 suits of +1 chain and shields (25800 gold), metamagic lesser maximize, Ioun stone +1 to saves (x3). 8000 gold. They talk with the girl and find out she heard they wanted to sacrifice a man on the circles and have her sing to a god. Thadeus searches her for any tattoos or brands. He does not find any. They take her to the circle and find she is enchanted by it. They kick the guards out and find out she hears a song within the circle. They head to Highfalls and let her sing the song of the Circle. It opens a portal to the Fae and she sings a beautiful song. The group brings her in to the keep and when she hears the song of the harp she screams in pain. Send takes her to the keep and lets her rest there.
-During the night, the group hears a creepy song calling out from the circle. As they head to the circle they see the children of Highfall, some dead already, being drawn to the circle. Nue is in the circle singing sending all the children to Rovagug. Even Pathox’s girl has been taken. The girl introduces herself to Send as his sister of destruction.


After this adventure we are now 14th level. We made 17675 gold each.

Twenty Ninth Adventure

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