Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Twenty Seventh Adventure

Dragons...Dragons... Everywhere!

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Incendieldur “Send” Amrunelara – Dean
Pathox the Imposing – Quinn

The group was in the Adventurer’s Guild enjoying a nice drink. When they were approach by a beautiful woman bathed in flames. She wanted to know if any of us were interested in having a good time. At first the group refused but then she offered Pathox 10000 gold. He accepted without hesitation after that.
Send and Thadeus were sitting around when they noticed a man gazing there way. This man was quite peculiar, they decided to approach him. The man introduced himself and asked if any of us would like to partake of another one of his daughters. The group confused by this statement asked what he meant. He told us Pathox went off with one of his daughters and he was wondering if he could tempt the two of them. They both said no again. He then asked them if they would like to come to his party. He informs them it will be a three day event. They agree to go.
At the party, the group meet some strange people. There is an old hag who doesn’t talk but wants to look at the godborn. Both of them refuse but she still follows them. The group finds out that this party is full of dragons. Thadeus meets a Great white dragon who wants to slay him but only if he leaves Ulfgar. He has her dance with Send. The two do well dancing but every time they mess up Thadeus makes it look like part of the move by dancing by them.
Send eventually accepts the mans offer for information. The group finds out this man is an extremely old red dragon who is said to have an unending wealth. He is wanting to use the godborn to make children. Thadeus begins looking for a dragon to be his sidekick and mount. He meets up with a Great Bronze Dragon in the form of a woman. She is hotty and believes herself better then everyone. Thadeus after talking with her ends on neutral terms but Send pisses her off and she attacks them. The group attacks ferociously and the dragon is about to attack Send when Pathox tries to seduce her. He succeeds and is taken off to be her plaything.
The group learns all the dragons here wish to kill them. They are being summoned by a powerful artifact to kill us. None of them actually dare do it in Ulfgar, due to the King’s Protection.
The Red Dragon informs them of where they need to go to find this artifact but warns them they will be fighting some nasty creatures. The group heads out to find this artifact. They use Send’s riptide spell to arrive at the island of the gods and combat immediately begins. The group wins the day but are hammered for their efforts. They find the artifact an ancient device that brands dragons and forces them to the will of Rovagug. After some debate the group decides to destroy it.
They return to Ulfgar and most of the dragons have left. The white dragon, named Ka, has stayed and still wishes to kill them but will not. Thadeus talks her in to staying and being his mount. Send gets a writ form the king and visits the bronze dragon. He humbles her and makes her leave Ulfgar. The red dragon after talking with Send decides to stick around. Pathox finds out he will have six children.


I know I left out quite a bit of details but this is what you get. We are now 13th and a 1/3 level.

Twenty Seventh Adventure

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