Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Twenty Sixth Adventure

Here comes the Winterwights.

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Shere Khan – Tim
Pathox the Regal – Quinn
Seth – Mike
“Send” – Dean

Tobius appears before Seth and tells him a special tomb is opening. The group must travel to the desert of the Narn to find this tomb. Seth and Send ready some spells to help speed the trip.
They arrive at this ancient tomb and they find some freshly killed corpses. As they enter the tomb they are approached by a young girl. She says she has escaped her parents and wishes to leave. She shows her true colors and is revealed to be a Winterwight. The group asks for her help and she decides to come along.
There are a couple more dead bodies in the cavern and find they are worshipers of Rovagug. They are attacked by some weird creatures who have the ability to rip out pieces of their enemies and scatter them across the plains. Send gets a claw so he can study this ability.
They enter the main chamber and are immediately attacked. The group kills all but the two parents. Pathox puts up a wall of iron across the door and the group dimension doors to the next room to heal up. Thadeus casts a scroll that blocks all travel in and out of their room.
They head back in to the room and find that the two Winterwights have left and taken all their treasure. They find some Ioun Stones that are intricate and worth full value when sold.


We are 13th level now.

Twenty Sixth Adventure

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