Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Sixteenth Adventure
The Battle for Tigress Valley

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Imposing – Quinn
Shere Khan – Tim
“Send” – Dean
Seth – Mike
Isabella – Robert

Isabella is in Ulfgar and can not locate any of her friends. She heads off to Prince Fifftiffnes’s Mansion. She speaks with the Prince and he tells her about a dream he had. It was a message from his gods. He says the group is trapped in the Dwarven Kingdom. The Prince pays for Isabella to use the Teleportation Circle.
The group, meanwhile, is trapped in the Dwarven Tomb. Pathox is trying to burn the walls with his Acid. Shere Khan is meditating. Thadeus begins praying to his gods. Seth examines the door and does a prayer to the Dwarven God, Torag. He gets a feeling and goes and asks Thadeus for a Ring or something proving his lineage. Thadeus gives him a ring. Seth does a powerful chant and then crushes the ring. The ground begins to rumble as the door begins to open. The group hears a great battle going on. When the doors finally open, The group sees the statues have slain many people watching the Tomb. Shere Khan then decides to kill the Drow who betrayed us. The group begins to sneak through the city trying to get to the Circle. They meet up with Send and Isabella. The group makes haste and takes the circle to Ulfgar.
The group arrives in Ulfgar and immediately head to the Temple to try and destroy the 3 Artifacts. No church will let them step foot on their grounds. The group then heads to the Princes Keep. When they arrive, They find soldiers are packing up supplies. The Prince approaches Shere Khan and tells him the Rakshasa are planning on invading the Village of Lapsilla with in two weeks. The Prince introduces us to his second in command, Rikshin. He tells us Rikshin will be accompanying us on our journey. We finish packing up the boat and head out.
On the boat, Seth finds an Illithid historian and learns of their culture and history. Rikshin approaches Shere Khan and asks him about why the Prince favors our group. Shere Khan states he can not tell the Prince’s secrets. Thadeus decides to spar with the Illithid soldiers. Isabella shape shifts in to a shark and follows the ship.
We arrive on shore six days later. The scouts approach us and learn the Rakshasa are using powerful beasts to turn the tide of battle. They want us to go take out these creatures while the Illithids help defend the village. They also want us to kill the Rakshasa but aren’t worried if we do not. Shere khan asks that they send a force ahead to help fortify the village.
The Illithid, Rikshin, decides to accompany us and brings 6 warriors with him. He does an ancient Illithid pledge and we set off. We travel quickly through the terrain thanks to Shere Khans knowledge of the area. We come across a group of scouts and decide to sneak past them. We get to the base of the mountain and begin climbing up.
Once we get to the top, we see Tigress’s tied to trees. They appear to have been torutred and left for dead. Shere Khan and Seth decide to go up and help these people. Seth does a burst but nothing happens. Then the trees begin to attack. During the fight, the Illithids turn on us. Shere Khan and Seth dispatch the general and the other Illithids look confused as the General reverts back to a Rakshasa. We end up dispatching all enemies.
We find Kukri (+3, +1 to hit and fire burst 2d6, 18308 gold), Lvl. 1 bag of holding (Inside is 11000 gold of jewelry, 6000 gold of relics, Wand of Magic Missiles two missiles 50 charges (750 gold), Idol of god worth 5000 gold, 6000 gold of trade gems.) Bottle with powerful creature trapped inside.
After the battle, Shere Khan tells the Illithids they need to make up for their betrayal by helping us fight. They agree to do fight for their honor. Seth and Send examine the bottle and learn the creature can be controlled. Seth decides to try and control the creature. He pops open the bottle and a tony worm appears. It then grows to a gigantic size. Seth takes control and names the worm Mathew. The creature accepts the name and Seth sends it back in the bottle.
We head out and pass some more patrols. We get to a giant encampment and the Illithids head off to gather intel. They learn one of the Rakshasa is heading off on his own. We see it heading in to a canyon. We decide to lay an ambush. So Thadeus and Send decide to climb up the cliff to the height advantage. The rest of the group heads in and is jumped by a giant bone golem. The fight begins and Seth summons Mathew and begins riding him. The group wears down the Golem and Mathew swallows it whole. The creature explodes in Mathews stomach and he throws up the remains. The remains come alive and form another Golem. At that time a group of Mages shoot Magic Missiles at Pathox, all but 3 fizzle out. Then a group of archers shoot at Thadeus, but only one hits him. Send gets excited and begins blowing both groups up with fireballs. Pathox summons a pit under the golem and it falls in. The Rakshasa appears and challenges Shere Khan. Shere khan is thrashing the Rakshasa and it tries to run away. Seth finds it and has Mathew breath flame on it.
We find Necklace of detect thought (), Wand of Lightning bolt lvl. 6 (13500 gold), Shirt of elven chain +2 (5150 gold), Four vials poison (DC 26 1d6 Con Loss, 1 roll), 5 hope diamonds (5000 gold a piece), Kukri +1 (2308 gold).

We get to the village in time to help repel the rest of the attack. The village has survived the onslaught. Shere Khan is heralded a hero to his people. We do learn one of the Rakshasa got away. The Illithids are willing to stay and help them repair the damage.

Fifteenth Adventure
The Dwarf King

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Shere Khan – Tim
Seth – Mike
Pathox the Astonishing – Quinn

The group have been sent to the Dwarven Kingdom. It has been three weeks since they arrived. The dwarves have had them sequestered in a commons area.
Thadeus is approached by a General of the Dwarven Army. The General asks Thadeus why he is here. Thadeus tells him the King is waiting for the Godborn and we are the Godborn. The General tells him about bounties that are posted for the group. The General takes Thadeus off to have a drink. The General asks what is going on. Thadeus tells him about some of the things going on. The General says, “The Dwarves have been in their mountains for years. Why would we want human problems here?” Thadeus replies, “This isn’t just a human problem. This is a War of the Gods. And the Gods won’t stop once they get to the mountain.” The General thinks this over and decides to let the group meet the King.
Shere Khan goes to his village and tells them about the people he has coming to help. They are shocked that the Illithids are coming to help. He asks that some of the elders go and help protect Highfall.
Seth is approached by a dwarf, who asks if he needs his familiar put out of its misery he would gladly do it. He says no that is his pet and he isn’t suffering. He hears his name being called and the crazy woman from the tournament has followed him all the way from Ulfgar. She sold her farm and spent everything to get here.
It is time for the meeting with the King. The group is gathered. They tell Shere Khan he needs to wrap his claws. Shere Khan gets offended and refuses to go. The group is taken to a great hall. The King is waiting inside. Pathox goes to cast a spell and the guards tense up. He stops casting and the guards loosen up. Seth goes to talk and begins farting. The King gets angry and eyes the guards. They toss out Seth and Pathox. Thadeus apologizes for his party members.The King tells him about reports of our group terrorizing people and burning down Temples. Thadeus then tells the King everything that has happened to the group. The King is pondering what he has been told when a messenger comes in. The King says a Drow has come and has asked to speak with Thadeus. Thadeus tries to explain why a Drow is looking for him. The King says he needs time to think and excuses Thadeus to see the visitor.
Thadeus and the Group head to the prison. They get to the Drow’s Cell and see he has been beaten. Seth goes over and begins to heal him. The Drow says he has been sent to get our groups help. As they are talking, the guards lock them in and tell Thadeus he is responsible for the death of their friends.
The group is sitting in the jail cell when Seth detects someone scrying. He is able to scry the person scrying us. He sees that a Rakshasa has killed the King and taken his place. He also tells us a group is coming for us and we need to get out. Pathox and Seth cast dimension door to escape the cell.
As we step out of the doorway, We are attacked by a bunch of Oozes and bugs. The group begins fighting and eventually kills them. The Drow tells the group about a secret passage he heard about. The group becomes very suspicious of the drow and begins questioning him. The Drow gets defensive and begins looking for the door. He opens a secret passage. Thadeus becomes really suspicious and doesn’t want to go. The group decides to follow and walks through these catacombs. The group begins getting suspicious they are being followed. We get to a giant tomb with two giant Dwarven Statues. Thadeus sees that the Dwarven statues have names etched on them. The Drow thinks he can open the door. He begins trying to pick the lock and quickly jumps back as the statues attack where he was. Thadeus gets very suspicious they are being followed. He walks up to the statues and says their names. He then says his name and demands they open. The tomb doors begin to open. They decide to enter the tomb. Thadeus tells the statues to close the door. The group decides to rest here.
Seth casts rope trick and everyone goes to sleep in there. While Thadeus is on watch the Drow comes down and sits with him. Thadeus is looking around when he realizes this was a trap. The Drow led them here so they would close the tomb. The air is quickly running out.

Fourteenth Adventure
Lord of Pleasure and A Decleration of War.

Cast of Characters
“Send” – Dean
Thadeus – Billy
Seth – Mike
Shere Khan – Tim
Pathox the Awe-inspiring – Quinn

Thadeus goes to visit a Priestess of Abadar, who had a vision of Him and His Allies. She has been demoted from her position and doesn’t wish to speak with him. She says, “I was hoping you would forget about me.” “I would never do that.” Replied Thadeus. Pondering, she says, “For you to learn what I have seen would cost me my life.” “Then I do not wish to know. Some prices should never be paid.” The lady bows her head and tells him to go in peace. Thadeus says, “I can only be at peace when you are at peace.” The Lady replies, “The time is soon when I will be ready.” He then departs and is pondering this conversation. The next day a messenger arrives. He says a Priestess wished this deliver if she passed. Thadeus shocked that she died inquires of her death, but the messenger only tells him he would have to ask the temple. Thadeus opens the note and it reads; “From the marshes of the Abyss, through the endless sands of time. Comes the Great horde to consume the World. The Fortress like mountains shall be held by the Dwarven King. To see if the Children of the Gods put to rest the Old Ways.” Thadeus goes to the Temple of Abadar to learn how she passed. The priest don’t say much but he gets the idea it was quite horrific. He pays his respects at her funeral and says a prayer to her god and his. He donates 1000 gold to give her a nice headstone. After the funeral, he is approached by an old worshipper of Rovagug who tells him, “Her pain is Yours.” Thadeus angrily replies, “Soon her pain will be yours to experience.”
Shere Khan decides to head out to Highfall and see how his apprentice is doing. He notices the town has actually started developing some nice fortifications. His apprentice says they get donations daily. He decides to go hunt for a feast he wishes to have with the villagers. As he is hunting he notices the valley is full of livestock. He notices nature seems to be enchanted to be more fertile and prosperous here. He heads back and holds a festival that he calls The Festival of Thadeus.
Send goes to Seth and asks if he can stay with him. He tells him his dad kicked him out for lighting the library on fire. Seth says he can share a room with him at the Temple of Shaelyn, but better not light anything on fire. He decides to leave and ask Shere Khan but leaves out why he needs a place to stay. Shere khan informs him he lives with the Prince but Send doesn’t wish to stay there because the Prince creeps him out.
Pathox continues to seek out minerals for pay. He also confronts the man stealing money from his shrine. The man is posing as a priest and pocketing collections. Pathox scares the crap out of him and makes him return all the money he has stolen.
The group meets up to decide what to do with the two artifacts they have discovered. They decide to try and destroy the Bone of Pestilence. Seth suggests they take it to Shaelyn’s Temple, because he has pull there. When the group arrives Seth asks for an Appointment and is told they cannot meet until three weeks from now. The group then decides to go to the Temple of Torag, One of Thadeus’s gods. They meet with a priest and Thadeus makes a 500 gold donation. They are able to see a priest right away. They show the priest the item and explain that they want it destroyed. The priest tells them it will take a few days to decipher what it is and learn how to destroy it. The group waits at the Temple until the priest is complete. When the priest is done he is hesitant to hand the Artifact back. He truly wishes to destroy it but cannot without having two other artifacts. The group doesn’t tell him about the other artifacts. He says if they get three of them he can attempt to destroy them. Thadeus asks if it would help to have some other churches help out. The priest says he will inquire about it.
The Group decides to leave and place the Artifact in Thadeus’s vault. As they are leaving the temple, Thadeus and Send notice a beautiful woman walking through the crowd as if a ghost. Thadeus starts to walk towards her but she freezes him in place with a look. She then approaches Send and touches his face. Send screams out in pain as his life is drained from him. The rest of the party and the street is shocked by this but did not see the Lady. They take Send to his church to be restored. Thadeus describes the girl and comes to the realization of who she is. She is a Lady in waiting for a powerful entity and is tied to The Vaults; A mysterious realms deep below the Underdark. He gets the sense they are meant to cross paths. She is calling for the Godborn and the mix of strong magics caused the drainage of life of Send. He also knows that the Tiara of Life will free her but he isn’t sure if that is a good thing.
She quickly vanishes without a word. They start investigating about the Lord Of Pleasure. He is a noble who has the Reef of Peace, The third artifact needed. Shere khan decides to ask Prince Fifftiffnes about this Lord Jonas. He finds out the man deals in Pleasure even extremely exotic kinds. The Prince says he will arrange for us to meet with the Lord at a party. He also tells him about a person named Talis who could be of assistance to them but know one knows what he or she looks like. The prince then tells him about these weird dreams he is having, which is odd because his kind do not dream. These dreams seem to be making him question his sanity. As Shere Khan is walking away the Prince says, “By the way the young elf can stay here if he wishes.” Seth attempts a scrying of the Lord of Pleasure, he sees the Lord having a good time and is quickly cut off when the Lord notices. The group gets an invite to the Lord of Pleasures party.
The group arrives at the party and is shocked by the extreme acts of sexuality. The party seems to have a horse theme. Seth and Send quickly try and hide, but don’t realize that is a game at the party. You hide and if you are found you have to do whatever the person wants. Seth is quickly found and actually goes through with it. Send is never found. Thadeus is approached by a ton of people who want to do dirty things. He is willing to dance but refuses to do anything else.
After Seth’s sexual romp, he finds a door guarded by Two Grey renders. they quickly usher him away. Send comes to a door and opens it to reveal two Hobgoblins choking what appear to be small greyish children. He summons the group to him and a battle ensues. During the fight, Seth charms one and learns they are just killing evil fae. the group stops combat and some join in on the killing.
The Lord of Pleasure bursts in the room and is quite intimidating until he speaks. He is very femmie and flamboyant. He invites the group to his private chamber. Once there Send just flat out asks him for the Reef of Peace. The man says he has it but will not give it for free. Thadeus tells him he is in danger as long as he keeps it. There is a group who will do him harm for that item. he says he will sell it to us for 36000 gold. Seth then tells him that we are Godborn. The man becomes interested and up his price. He wants Land in Highfall and a night of pleasure with one of us. Thadeus and Shere Khan do not want to accept the deal. Shere Khan offers to fight in his fabled underground tournament for the Reef. Lord Jonas then says, " A bet it is. If you win you get the Reef. If I win, I get my land and a night of Pleasure with one of you." All accept the terms accept Thadeus. He eventually accepts grudgingly.
We enter the tournament and each one of us is introduced. Seth comes out nervously and begins farting. He announces he is a Servant of Shaelyn and a Servant of the Light. Pathox makes a huge show of it listing some of his greatly exaggerated deeds. Send comes out and is cheered on b y a group of elves. Shere khan runs out doing acrobatics to impress the crowd. There are Illithids in full plate that give off a battle cry in his honor. Thadeus comes to the announcement of his heritage and notices the Senstun Ambassador in the crowd with a floppy hat. He shoots the hat off his head with an arrow. The Lord begins a grand speech and announces our opponents. A Glass Golem, A Neh-Thalggu, and A Grey Render. He also announces a special guest who he calls him the Lord of Creation. Thadeus recognizes him as The Vaultkeeper. The shrouded figure comes to the Lord and speaks with him in private. The Lord then announces the battle shall be of Blood.
The Shrouded man walks down to accept our tributes to the Battle. Thadeus gives his blood blessed by the gods (5). Seth offers 10000 gold (5). Send has his monkey blow up a special kind of powder (6). Shere Khan gives his blood (5). Pathox gives his blood and uses a spell to make the arena look as if it is filling with his blood (+5). The man accepts all and departs.
As the fight begins, Send shoots a fireball at the Golem and it is reflected right back at the group. Send slows down the Grey wonder. The Neh-Thalggu charges Thadeus and rips in to him. Shere Khan jumps at the Golem and starts breaking huge chunks off with his fist. Thadeus and Pathox begin attacking the Neh-Thalggu. Pathox attempts a spell but the Neh resists it. Thadeus returns the favor and tears in to it with arrows. Send throws fire at the Grey render. Seth attempts a spell at the Neh but it also doesn’t work. The Neh quickly casts invisibility on itself and disappears. Shere khan continues pummeling the Glass Golme which then explodes and hurts the grey render. Turning his fists on the grey render, he quickly pummels it to death. Pathox and Thadeus not able to see their quarry hold until it is visible. Send runs over to Thadeus and cast See Invisibility on him. Thadeus seeing the pray right above Pathox unleashes a volley of arrows which rip in the creature ending its life. The crowd goes nuts and begins cheering.
The Vaultkeeper whispers to Lord Jonas and he smiles. Jonas proclaims for all to hear, “May the Gods of Old fear the Children of the Gods of Ulfgar.” The crowd goes deftly silent as the arena shakes. Behind the heroes appear silhouettes of their gods, who bless them with power. Then in the middle of the arena a face appears that no one recognizes. Thadeus recites the letter the Priestess left him. The group realizes this is their enemy and the war has just begun.
Lord Jonas true to his word gives the group the Reef of Peace. It is a beautiful platinum reef with intricate designs of leaves. The crowd begins throwing money at the heroes. Thadeus, Pathox, and Seth get 2000 each. Send ends up receiving 5000 gold and Shere Khan gets 6000 gold. Send puts the Reef on and gets a vision of the Lady in Waiting. She makes it so he doesn’t take the curse from it. She tells him he is special like us and wishes to be killed or freed. He explains the Reef makes you a complete pacifist. Shere Khan and Thadeus are horrified by this item. Seth decides to put it on and gets a benefit but can never cause a single point of damage to anyone. He then removes the Reef but is still affected by its power. Pathox decides to try the Tiara of Life on and is given a divine glow. He tells us it has the power to resurrect the person wearing it.
The group leaves the tournament and heads to the Tample of Torag. As they get there the priest try to usher them in quickly. They then notice the kings men coming down the Alley of the Divines. Seth suspicious decides to flee from the priest. He is seen adn the priest convinces him they are trying to help the group. They take the group through some catacombs and arrive in small chamber. They tell the group they can send them to The Dwarven Kingdom or Senstun. They have a piece of a circle they use to break the veil. The group decides to be sent to The Dwarven Kingdom. The priest say they are going to send a decoy group to Senstun. The priest tear the veil and the group begins stepping through. Thadeus being the last one through sees the decoy group get torn to shreds when they open the portal to Senstun. A priest quickly closes that protal before the creatures come through. Thadeus thanks the remaining priests for their sacrifice and steps through. The group appears in the bathing room of a Dwarven woman who is freaking out from their arrival. Pathox offers her a tabard to cover up.

Thirteenth Adventure
Godborn and The Summoner

Cast of Characters
Pathox the Serene – Quinn
Seth – Mike
Sin – Dean
Chihiro – Debbie
Shere Khan – Tim
Isabella – Robert
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

Pathox begins by searching for minerals and collecting his reward. He then torments his gargoyle and lets him go off in search of random things. He then goes to his shrine and finds a drunk man sleeping. He has been stealing coins from his donation box. Pathox drags the guy away and leaves him at the doorstep of a noble.
Seth goes to become a member of the Shadow Dancers. They give him a test to steal a kiss from a virtuous woman. He accomplishes the task and the woman gives him a little tongue when they kiss. Seth officially become a Shadow Dancer.
Prince Fifftiffnes comes to see Thadeus. At first, Thadeus doesn’t know whether the prince wants to talk to him or stare at a plant. Thadeus asks the prince what he needs. The Prince tells him about a boy his spy network has discovered. They think he might be God Born. He is currently at the Mage’s Guild and is about to be thrown out for causing a lot of damage. The boy has a local noble interested in him. The noble whom everyone calls Prince Foo, because of he has an incredibly long name. Thadeus decides to gather his group and investigate the boy.
The group gets to the Mage’s Guild and is stopped at the gate. They have to get papers to walk around. Thadeus approaches a man in the guild and asks to see the boy. The man says he doesn’t know who he is talking about. Seth tells the man he knows the boy and wishes to see him. The Man, hoping for a little coin, decides to tell the group where the boy can be found. As the group is walking, Thadeus notices seven figures following them. He can’t recognize them but knows they aren’t humans. We get to a courtyard where a huge explosion happened. The creatures following us attack at that moment. These strange figures appear to be Lightning elementals. We kill them with the help of a young boy casting fireballs. After the scene, Thadeus notices someone casting a spell at Shere Khan. Thadeus quickly shoots the man and he falls off a balcony. Two more elementals appear and pledge themselves to Chihiro.
The guards come to investigate the fight. They treat the group well and offer to heal anyone that needs it. Seth is given permission to cast Speak with Dead on the mage. He asks the mage if he was hired by The Temple of New Moons Peace. The mage says no but Seth can tell he is lying. Meanwhile the group is talking with this boy that helped them in a fight. He is a young elf with a penchant for destruction. The group tells him about the noble interested in him and how we came to investigate the noble. The boy says they can call him Sin and invites them back to his fathers place.
The group gets to his place and continue their conversation. As they are talking Shere Khan hears someone outside the door. He opens it and grabs a little girl. He shows her to the group and they scare the crap out of her. Pathox quickly calms her down and begins playing games with her. She tells Pathox her name is Kaily and she knows the location of the the Servant Gondo’s treasure. They go collect the chest and bring it back. Chihiro begins disabling a trap on it. Seth notices the trap when sprung will send someone through the veil. She gets the chest open and finds 300 trade gems inside worth 30000 gold. Kaily then tells Pathox she was hired by Prince Foo to spy on the battle and learn about our group. We pay her a gold and tell her to feed him some bogus info.
Pathox starts trying to find enemies of Prince Foo. He meets a Dwarven Professor who is no friend to the prince. He learns the prince has a powerful lab that would cost him a great deal to replace. He offers to sell him a map to this lab but it will cost him 1900 gold. The group pays him out of the gems they found. Thadeus finds out Prince Foo worships Rovagug. Seth goes to beg forgiveness from the Fey and they make him perform some bizarre rituals. After the ritual, the curse of the butterflies is removed.
We begin heading toward the Prince’s Keep. The group notices the closer they get to the keep the weather gets more gloomy and the people look more depressed. The group decides to take a stealthy route to the keep. As we are traveling, Pathox is attacked by a magma elemental. They quickly kill it but find more of them burning humans. The group decides to try and help these people. We get the jump on them and find a new ability to get full attacks in a surprise attack. every time we kill one of them they explode in a burst of magma. During the fight, Shere Khan drops after killing one. The group finishes the rest off.
They find the noble inside this building burning bodies. Sin starts to cast a spell but is stopped by Thadeus. Thadeus realizes the Prince wants the group to kill him. Shere khan goes in and knocks him out. Seth and Thadeus begin interrogating him. They quickly realize the only thing he fears is Shere Khan. He comes in and starts aggressive negotiations. We find out he and the Church of New Moons Peace are trying to collect three artifacts. The artifacts are the Reef of Peace, the Tiara of Life, and the Bone of Pestilence. The prince has the Tiara of Life. He tells us it is in his vault and it is protected by a young magma dragon. Meanwhile, Seth realizes someone is trying to Scry the group. Chihiro gets a message saying the Kingsmen will take care of the scrying if she wants. She tells him yes and Seth sees the man get taken out by a huge guard. The group then decides to kill him and Thadeus says he will have nothing to do with it. Before they kill him Seth takes the Princes stuff. Sin rigs the entire building to explode.
We get a Dagger +1, 6000 gold, Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Saves +2.
We get to a farmland and see a happy bunch of peasants. We decide to go through the secret tunnel. We have to swim under the rocks to get there. As soon as we exit the water, we are attacked by the magma dragon. We kill the dragon and Pathox tries to take credit for it. An old elf comes out an apologizes for aiding the dragon. He is a servant of the Prince and he has been branded to serve chaos. He offers to lead us to the dragons hoard and helps us circumvent four traps. We get to a lair carved out of stone and lava. Mixed in with the hoard is a statue of a woman wearing the Tiara of Life. The statue was a woman who displeased the prince. The elf says he can change her back but he must learn the spell.
We find a Bag of Holding Type 3 and other stuff worth 82000 gold.
As the group is resting, Thadeus takes watch and sees the group is having nightmares. He starts waking them up and they find a creature attacking their dreams. We kill them and are attacked by another group of creatures. After we kill them, Seth detects someone scrying the group. He scrys back and see three witches. They teleport to us and attack. Isabella kills one of them and the other two decide to give up. They give us the Bone of Pestilence and Thadeus tells them they and their god owes us a favor. Their eyes burn bright and we know that Asmodious accepts. We leave them and head back home.

Twelfth Adventure
The Two Tournaments

Cast Of Characters
Adryan Amastras – Dean
Seth – Mike
Isabella – Robert
Pathox the All Knowing – Quinn

Cast from the Past
Casanova, Paladin of Iomedae – Quinn
Queen of Rudek, Bard – Mike
Steward of Tulan, Ninja – Dean
Drow Archer – Robert

The adventure started out in The Great City of Ulfgar. Pathox was doing his mining for Lord Jefferson. Pathox was approached by a messenger in the Adventurer’s Guild. He asks Pathox to put up a sign. The letter reads, “You are Invited to The Great Hunt. If interested see Samson at The Broken Anvil.” Pathox decides to get the group together. On the way Him and Seth start discussing things. Pathox becomes quite interested in the butterflies following Seth around. As they arrive at The Broken Anvil, They see a large crowd inside. They hear a man singing a song about a tournament once held in Ulfgar. Quite interested in the song the group makes there way inside. The crowd quickly disperses after the bards song.
They notice the bard is an elven bard. Of all the things they notice he is wearing a slave collar. They approach the man and ask about the song he was singing. He tells them about the Tournament of Champions once a great contest in Ulfgar. But the tournament hasn’t been done in over 195 years. They ask him if he knows a man by the name of Samson. The elf declares he is Samson. The party inquires about The Great Hunt. Samson isn’t sure about the group, especially after talking with Seth. Samson decides to give them a chance. He informs them he will be leaving in the morning and they are more than welcome to travel with him.
Adryan does some research about the Lord holding The Great Hunt. He finds out it is a man named Lord Malcolm Ferris Esquire. Lord Malcolm Ferris Sr. was once a great Paladin, was said to have a great skill at hunting demons, and recently been a recluse due to illness.
Isabella takes Seth to his Druid Grove. Seth is fascinated by druids and dearly wants to meet them. Pathox torments his gargoyle guard.
The next morning, they meet up with Samson near The Broken Anvil. Seth comes riding up on a donkey just recently purchased. Samson remarks about it figures Seth would ride something like that. They begin the journey to the Manor of Lord Ferris. On the second night traveling, Adryan tricks Seth in to taking all the watches. Samson offers to keep him company. Seth is talking his ear off all night but doesn’t realize Samson is asleep. During the night Samson snaps awake and plays it off as a bug crawling up his leg. Seth then shows Samson his familiar, a giant Squirrel butterfly. The creature freaks Samson out. He then offers to watch the rest of the night.
The next day they arrive at the Manor of Lord Ferris. It is a huge manor built partway in to the mountain. They notice a couple of groups of veteran adventurer’s. They quickly notice they are the least experienced of all the people there. They quickly meet the young Lord Ferris. He is a young man that looks like he could hold his own in a fight. Adryan quickly realizes he is a ranger. He questions the group on their capabilities and exploits. The only one he has heard of is Pathox due to his shrine near the Temples in Ulfgar. He decides to give them a trial run in The Great Hunt. He tells them they a re free to roam the grounds but asks them to stay out of the private family areas.
Adryan and Pathox quickly head to the kitchens for free food. Seth and Isabella go see the “Stables”. It is a vast chamber in the mountain. Inside the chamber are big domes of magical energy. They see monsters of all types inside these domes. Dragons of all types and sizes, great beasts and even demons. Upon hearing about the dragons, Pathox heads down there and tries to taunt the evil dragons captured. He realizes after a while, that the creatures contained cannot see the outside world. He asks the servants if there is a way to make fun of them. The servant tells him no.
Adryan goes to see the shopkeeper. Inside the tent, he finds a Halfling and a human male drinking in the corner. He asks the Halfling if he has a Holy Avenger. The Halfling asks if he can afford it. Adryan runs out of the tent, the halfling yells at his guard Frank to go after him. But Frank just sits there and drinks.
Pathox upon walking through the keep finds an armory belong to the Lord. Inside are some great armor designs some with holy symbols etched in to the armor. He quickly notices they are symbols to Torag, The God of Creation and Protection. He ends up going to the shopkeeper and drinking with Frank the Bodyguard. Adryan comes back and talks with the shopkeeper. The Halflings name is Nell Shorthop. He is all about business and barely laughs. Adryan quickly gets him to laugh. He buys some gear from the Halfling.
The next day comes and the Great Hunt begins. The group is first to fight. The rules are they will face three waves of opponents. Every 36 seconds a wave will be released. Samson escorts them to the arena. The fights are to the death. They walk down a long hallway that slowly becomes natural rock. They get to a small room with a blackened doorway. Samson directs them to step through. He explains that only recently has this magic become available and directs them to walk through the doorway.
Isabella is the first to walk through and she appears inside a serene forest. As the group enters they notice the sound of animals approaching. Adryan and Seth notice they are blink dogs. The group quickly kills them before the next wave is released. They then notice two doorways appearing at a distance and Two Barghest appear right in front of them. Adryan slays the bigger one on his first hit. The rest gang up on the little one. When the next round begins the group notices the ground shaking and a Crystal Dragon rips through the ground. The battle commences and Pathox gets the killing blow. Another doorway appears and the group is hesitant to go through. Seth gathers some parts off of the creatures killed. The group steps through and find they are back in the starting room. Samson is there waiting. He tells them it was impressive how they fought that dragon. He shows them a crystal that makes it so they can watch the entire match. He then takes them to a healing area and they notice other warriors bandaged up and getting healed. They have priests from many religions here healing the injured and resurrecting those that have fallen.
There is a banquet in the Grand Hall. Isabella goes and sits with a group of Dwarves. Adryan begins playing a song to get the room partying. Samson plays with him letting Adryan take the lead. Pathox begins telling jokes to Nell Shorthop trying to make him laugh and he succeeds. Seth is getting very drunk. When the party begins to quiet down. Samson starts telling a tale of the last Tournament of Champions. He Begins by saying, “This tale begins on a dark stormy night, as most great stories do. Although the Tournament was held in Ulfgar. This tale begins in the Great Senstun Empire. The Queen has summoned her greatest advisers to help her.”
The advisers begin the meeting. The Queen tells the group Titus has disappeared. He was heading to Tulan to help with the Armies training. The group begin with asking his second what happened. He says Titus said he had an important quest to go on and left him in charge. The bard begins casting spells to locate Titus. She realizes something is blocking him from detection, but one spell directs her to The Tournament of Champions. They go to his and find out from his wife that he went to Ulfgar. The ninja investigates Titus’s Altar room and notices a faint hint of power inside. The group heads to Ulfgar.
They get to Ulfgar and the city is a buzz about the Tournament. The ninja heads to the Dwarven Embassy. She finds he passed through and was doing some research about the Tournament and its history. The Bard and Paladin head to the tournament. They see huge crowds and hear the shouts of battle. They head to the sign in area and ask if Titus has signed up. He informs them he hasn’t signed up. The guard asks the Great Queen of Rudek if she will be signing up today. She replies no and flies in the air. She asks the crowd if they have seen Titus. The crowd of course says yes just so they can spend a little time with the Beautiful Bard and Paladin. The ninja suggests the paladin ask his blood thirsty god for guidance. The paladin prays and is given guidance to sign up for the tourney. They go to sign up and are asked if another person can join their group. It is a drow and the group accepts him to the group. While waiting for the first fight to begin the bard flies to The Arcane College and does some research on he Tournament. She finds out the Tournament has recently been highly funded by Chaotic Churches. She also finds out some adventurer’s do not get brought back to life at all. She heads back to the tourney.
The first round is about to begin. The group is taken to a huge vault and can borrow any item they want. They soon realize the tourney is all about entertainment. They want people to survive as long as possible. The group takes some items and begins heading to their fight. The rules are you will fight your creatures to the death. After the creature is killed the next one will be released immediately.
They begin walking through the tunnel. The roar of the crowd is deafening. They see wet blood pouring down the walkway. The Bard enters the arena and gives a speech about her group. The crowd goes nuts and the battle begins. They begin their first fight against 2 Nightcrawler Nightshades. The group decimates these creatures. The next opponent enters the arena, It is a Plemora Aeon. The battle is quite long and drawn out but the group wins in the end.
Samson stops telling his story and says, “I am sorry I have taken most of your time the night is almost over. I will have to continue this story another night. Get some rest the next round begins tomorrow.” The whole chamber is enthralled by his story, but they disperse to sleep for the night.

Eleventh Adventure
New Companion and The Temple of Peace

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Seth – Mike
Adryan Amastras – Dean
Pathox the Benevolent – Quinn
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

Thadeus goes and visits with the Halfling Bar Owner of The Broken Anvil. The Broken Anvil has been completely rebuilt and Thadeus sets up six of The Highfall peasants with a jobs. He then gets the other nine peasants jobs with Prince Fifftiffnes. The Prince adds these people to his do not eat list. He notices there are 50 more Illithids around his Keep. Thadeus goes to visit with the Fae Lady Essly. She is doing well on the Druid Island and doesn’t seem ill anymore from the storm. Thadeus then notices there are 25 more Illithids on this island. He asks the druids why they are here. The Druids say they can not say why they are allowed here as part of a deal they made. The Druids are nervous but unharmed. Thadeus tells them about the Druid Sanctuary in Highfall.
Adryan is investigating what farmers can grow in the rain. He over hears some people talking about having trouble growing food in the sunlight. Adryan goes over to them and see they are Svirfneblin. They tell him he can find some of these speical mushrooms that grow well in dark wet areas. They are located in catacombs under the drow city. They actually will pay him to retrieve some.
Shere Khan sends his apprentice to start a monastery. Thadeus gives the boy 4000 gold to get started.
Pathox is at his Shrine and gets approached by a man named Grieger. The man is accusing Pathox of blasphemy. Grieger says he is going to report Pathox to a magistrate. The next day Pathox gets summoned to see a magistrate. The Magistrate was going to let him go, but Pathox tells him he is a child of the gods. The Magistrate wants to test him. He tells Pathox to come back tomorrow so he can go through a test to prove his lineage. Pathox summons the group and we meet up at the site of the trial. Adryan brings an old class mate with him. His name is Seth an odd Elf. Inside there is a bag of coins on a table. They tell Pathox to touch the coins and if he is god born the coins will glow when he touches them. Pathox touches the coins but nothing happens. He then says a prayer to his god, Apsu. The coins then begin to shake and float in the air. The coins then glow with an extremely bright light. At first, no one believes it but they eventually acknowledge him as god born and allow his shrine to stay. He makes the man Grieger apologize for insulting him. He is now officially acknowledged as Pathox the Great in Ulfgar.
We come across a group called New Moons Peace. They are gathering in near the gates of Ulfgar. Seth has heard they are a newer religion just around two months old. He is interested in the teachings of this religion. The group tells him about the true intentions of the church and who the god of peace really is. He doesn’t know if he trust the group due to what he sees. Adryan approaches the mass of people gathered. As he is walking through everyone seems to be touching him. He yells out, “Stop touching me!” Some of the crowd get frightened and leave the party. Thadeus and Shere Khan sneak through the camp. We spot some men with Daggers who are looking for any troublemakers against the Church of New Moon’s Peace. Shere Khan then notices Illithids walking around throughout the camp. He approaches one and learns her name is Commander Rakkath. The Illithids were sent to protect Shere Khan. They tell him of a plot to kill Adryan. He asks the Illithid to warn the whole group when the assassins are about to strike. Thadeus asks them where this group keeps their money. The Illithid inform him that it is at an inn with needless sex happening. Adryan is approached by a king’s man and is warned about the assassins. The King’s man tells him they have no love for the people of this religion and he can do whatever he wants with the assassins. He also informs him they are not citizens of Ulfgar. Adryan approaches one of the speakers for this religion. The man talks to the crowd about how Adryan represents everything wrong with this world. Adryan then offers him a drink. The man then tells the crowd how his time among them has made Adryan more peaceful. Adryan then tells him, “My peace has nothing to do with you.” The man walks away and Seth begins reading his thoughts. At first they are focused, but then he sees some horrific images. Seth comes to the conclusion that our group might be telling the truth about the God of Peace.
We realize the Assassin’s are about to strike. The battle begins and Seth casts slow on four assassins. We incapacitate them quickly and notice the rest of the assassins disperse in to the crowd. The King’s men come through and begin clearing people out. Seth casts Speak with Dead on one of the Fallen Assassins. The man confesses to dealing with people against the God of Peace. The crowd is stuned by this revelation. Adryan confronts the Speaker about this. The speaker says, “The man doesn’t represent the church.” The King’s men ask if Adryan wants to press charges against the assassins. Adryan gives an emphatic yes. They are arrested and eventually put to death. The group speaks with the King’s man who approached Adryan earlier. He tells us that these people are a hindrance to the king. He tells us the New Moon’s Peace is building a temple on an island outside of Ulfgar territory. The crown is offering us 1500 gold to go destroy this temple. All money we get is tax free. They also offer us 1000 gold for supplies.
We decide to go to the island on a flying boat. Thadeus notices there are some people from New Moon’s Peace following us. Also, some Illithids following and random people following just to see where the Illithids are going. Thadeus yels at all of them to stop following our group.
We get on a boat with room for twelve people and gear. The weather is getting gloomy as we get farther from Ulfgar. As we are traveling our boat gets hit with a fireball. Shere Khan leaps toward the source of the fireball and clings to a flying mage. The mage quickly submits to Shere Khan. Thadeus and Seth get attacked by two air elementals. As one elemental dies the other grows bigger by divine power. The mage begins helping and we quickly kill it. Afterward Thadeus pulls out the groups Boat of Folding. Pathox pulls the boat across the water.
Twelve hours later, we arrive at the island. We get to the shore stealthily. Adryan casts an illusion that gets the guards attention. We quickly sneak pass them while they are attacking the illusion. We notice the mage is following us. He tells us his leader is being controlled by the church. They have bound four powerful elementals and are trying to make something called The Children of the Storm. The man wants to help his people but Shere Khan tells him to leave. We sneak through the island until we get to the top of the island.
There are 1500 people worshiping an altar. On the altar are four people; a cleric, mage, warrior, and druid. There are four ethereal elementals bound by chains. We get approached by some Illithids dressed as guards. They tell us they can sneak us down there as sacrifices. We agree to the plan. Part way down Adryan begins singing to buff the group. We get to the altar and are approached by the mage. We realize it is Benanok and he is high on the power coursing through him. He yells for the guards to kill us. The group springs in to action. Shere khan and Thadeus quickly dispatch Benanok. Then the group picks off the cleric. Pathox breaths acid on the druid. Shere Khan quickly leaps at the warrior. The druid then casts a spell and turns the Pathox in to a frog. The group quickly kills the last two. The Elementals are released and wish to destroy everyone nearby. Adryan and Seth quickly head over to talk with them. He gets three of them to leave. The water elemental attacks the group and we quickly kill it. All the worshipers run away and the group searchs all the dead.
We receive 12 uncut rose gems (1200 gold), Set of chimes (300 gold), A barrel of dragon ale (500 gold), Art of Phalect symbol (460 gold), Shortbow +2, Agates shaped like eye balls (350 gold), Small vial perfume (600 gold), 4 whetstones give edged weapon +1 (400 gold), 6 uncut gems (worth 400 gold), Fox fur shoes (300 gold), Leather belt with gold (300 gold), Small Buckler (2000 gold), rope of command (1800 gold), Horned helm (1800 gold), 4 ashes of trackless ash (450 gold), Prayer beads gives 2 extra ki per day (2000 gold), ring (2000 gold), 13 gems (2558 gold), Ancient Scroll, Crown of fresh water (172 gold), bolt of rare cloth (410 gold), Fancy suit gives +4 to gambling (6000 gold), Small Jasper stones (1000 gold), 4 potions of invisibility, Crystal Miniature gnome priestess (650 gold), Bag of sand +5 to scrying (425 gold).
We get back to Ulfgar and the King’s men want a full accounting of what happened. They also want a full accounting of what we found. We tell them what happened and they pay us the 1500 gold. We get approached by two groups wanting to buy the ancient scroll we found. We tell them the scroll isn’t for sell. We put the scroll inside Thadeus’s vault. We get summoned to meet with the king. He looks to be a warrior and he carries a sword. He wishes to know about the threat of this weather and the cause behind it. We inform him about the gods we know are behind it and the threat they pose to the world. He tells us it is a tricky situation with many nobles supporting this new religion. He says Ulfgar has always remained neutral in such matters. Thadeus tells him there is no neutral in this fight, eventually Ulfgar will have to take a side. He lets us know we can consider the king a friend. He thanks us for our time and we reciprocate.

Tenth Adventure
Tigers, Giants, and Pigmen... Oh My!

Cast of Characters
Adryan Amastras – Dean
Pathox the Swift – Quinn
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

Adryan runs in to a fellow Bard, her name is Jagyn Bell. She is looking for information on our group and wants to hire him to spy on us. She offers him 500 gold. Adryan begins flirting with her and realizes she is some sort of Fae. She wants to take the flirting further but Adryan refuses.
Shere Khan visits with his apprentice and learns he has taken a Vow of Truth. Shere Khan then goes to champion his peoples cause. He visits with Prince Fifftiffnes and asks for help. The Prince willingly gives him money to hire mercenaries to help his people. They then work out an arrangement to ally Shere Khan’s people and the Prince. Pathox is attacked by his gargoyle servant.
Thadeus goes to visit Lady Essly. She is dying from the “Magical Weather” even though she is nowhere near it. As he is talking with her, Thadeus notices Adryan and Benanok spying on his place. He closes the windows and offers to find her an answer. Benanok leaves and Shere Khan follows. He hears Benanok mumbling, “I am not good at being a good day.” Shere Khan follows him all the way home. Benanok tells him about a Rakshasa Lord in Ulfgar, his name is Gonus Ray. He is trying to take command of a village named Highfall. He also hands him a powerful Druidic Scroll.
Prince Fifftiffnes offers to take Laady Essly to the druid island. Adryan then tells us that a Lady named Jagyn Bell has hired him to gether information on us. We decide to go pay her a visit. Shere Khan and Thadeus sneak in to the inn she is playing at. She spots Adryan sitting with Pathox and comes over to talk with him. She tells him to have the rest of the group come out of hiding. Jagyn pays Adryan the 500 gold she offered. He then pays her 150 gold to tell us who wants the information. She begins taking notes of everything we say. Pathox boasts of all his accomplishments. Shere Khan stays silent. Thadeus says, “If your employer is my enemy, then he will die.” Adryan finds out she was hired by a man named The Vaultkeeper. Jagyn is interested in the scroll case Benanok gave him. Shere Khan tells her it isn’t for sale.
We leave Ulfgar heading out to Highfall. While on the road we come across some men dressed as Ulfgar Militia. Thadeus notices three noblemen watching in the distance. We figure they want us to kill these men so they can report us to the authorities. We quickly dispatch these men with nonlethal means. One of the nobles start heading down. He asks us if the scene needs to be reported. He has a magistarte and a truthseeker with him. Thadeus rides over to them and asks for their names. They tell him and he rides off. The Lord is trying to get the group to attack him. Pathox, Adryan, and Shere Khan quickly turn the scene on him. He restrains himself and leaves.
We ride on for two more days. Thadeus begins to tell Adryan about the magical storm and the god behind it. We come across town a town. The Magistrate hanging a family convicted of stealing food. Adryan approaches the man and begins debating about killing children. The Magistrate tells him the family has been making pacts with devils. Adryan sees two of the children are evil. He picks both them up and they turn in to Horned Devils. The devils attack and during the fight Thadeus gets dropped by one devil. After the battle Adryan heals Thadeus. Thadeus begins looking at the devils and sees they have a powerful compulsion on them. They are being bound to a chaotic being.
We head out of the village and get to the base of a mountain. We begin the long ascent. Adryan loses his horse due to the rough terrain. We get to the top of the mountain and see a beautiful valley. As we are walking in, We notice some peasants who are injured and tired. Adryan heals them and they begin to show hope. They ask us where they can go to help others. Thadeus tells them they can go to an inn called The Broken Anvil. Shere Khan also tells them they can seek out his father. We notice the depression caused from the rain has been removed and we are the reason why. We head toward the town in the valley. Shere Khan notices a druid off in the distance. He goes to talk with her and finds out she is the one the scroll is intended for. Shere Khan gives her the scroll and she informs him it will take three days to get the ritual ready. He also offers to do anything to help the village.
We approach the village and are stopped by a guard who looks miserable in the rain. Thadeus gives him a better spear. He tells us there is a 10% percent tax. Shere khan pays him 5 gold. We get to the bar and the place is warm. There is a big guy, named Lord Pickens, who approaches us. We sit with him and we find he is taking a heavy tax on his people. He goes off for the night. Thadeus goes outside and keeps watch with the guard.
Adryan goes to the head of the guard to talk about the mayor. He finds out the head of the guard is a blue dragon. He has been bound to serve the mayor. It is the same binding used on the horned devils. Anytime the dragon does anything against his master he takes physical pain. Thadeus tries to convince the barmaids to leave town. They tell him it would cost them 150 gold to leave. Pathox and Shere Khan go off and hunt for food. They bag a big deer and offer a free meal outside of town for all the townsfolk. Lord Pickens comes out and the group charges him 10 gold to eat.
We head out to perform the ritual. Shere khan notices some ravens. He says a prayer and gets the feeling to follow them. We follow them to a circle that has been destroyed and the Druid has been smashed by a giant rock. We notice big footprints heading away from the circle. We chase them and see nine Hill giants about to kill a young girl. Pathox casts grease on her so the giants drop her. Adryan casts an illusion and makes two Storm Giants appear. Half the hill giants start running away. As the fight rages on, Adryan and Thadeus are attacked by a lightning bolt. Thadeus begins shooting the threat in the distance. Shere khan begins attacking a Rakshasa. The Blue dragon comes and attacks Lord Pickens. Lord Pickens cast the bolt and he is now a grotesque Pigman. We win the fight but Lord Pickens runs off.
We interogate the Rakshasa and then finish him off. Adryan goes to find the Blue Dragon. He finds him badly injured and begins healing his wounds.
We find out the girl we saved is the daughter of the head Druid. We help her prepare for the ritual. She begins singing a song and after awhile Adryan begins singing. During the ritual she says, “The Tor stands as guardians.”
We receive 150 pp, Arcane scroll, Mount and acid arrow, Bear’s endurance, expeditious retreat, wand of bull’s strength, Misdirection, Enlarge person, Scroll of Ancient Written in Draconic (Summon Monster lvl. 9), Greatsword +1, Dragonscale Hunters cap (1200 gold), Lackered dice with malachite (400 gold), 5 scrolls Truestrike, oil of Magic weapon, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 35 charges.
We get back to Ulfgar. Thadeus finds the villagers have shown up at the Broken Anvil. He pays for them all to get citizenship. Prince Fifftiffnes comes to the group and says he has been looking for us. We have been summoned to court. The prince has done all he can to stall them. We quickly head to the court and find there is a dispute about the land of Highfall. The Lord we met while traveling to the village is trying to claim Highfall. We quickly hire a lawyer for 2700 gold. We expose the lord as a rakshasa and claim the land for Prince Fifftiffnes. The court apporves. The Prince tells the court he wishes to name us Nobles of his house. The court accepts. The Prince then gives the land to us as nobles.

Ninth Adventure
The Drow Come A Callin'

Cast of Characters
Isabella – Robert
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Swift – Quinn
Adryan Amastras – Dean

Isabella issues a challenge to Tasgamry. She gets a messenger back that just laughs at her. Thadeus goes to the bank and starts Two Second Tier Merchant Accounts. One account is in his name. The other is in Shere Khan’s with Thadeus signed as executor of his account. Thadeus also talks with Lord Green’s former Harem. He puts all ten of them through school to become merchants. He pays 100 gold a piece for training. Thadeus also talks with Lady Essly and tries to help her discover what talents she has. She needs 25000 gold to get back home. He ends up getting her hired by Prince Fifftiffnes to arrange flowers for him. He gave her a 500 gold retainer fee. Pathox goes to his mothers place and brags that he killed a red dragon by himself. She gives him a crown worth 2000 gold.
Isabella comes across some cloaked figures. They look uncomfortable in the daylight. They are watching Isabella quite intently. She walks over to them and finds out they are Drow searching for our party. They want to meet us tonight outside the city.
The group gathers together and meets with the Drow. These Drow belong with the family they have made a pact with. They have brought us gifts from Lady Dominique. We come to the realization they want something in return. They offer six sets of Drow Chain(Elven Chain), six Drow Crossbows (Masterwork Heavy), Six Drow Assassins Blades D6 damage (worth 2x Masterwork), and a Large Crossbow with a haste enchantment on it(+1 encantment). They want us to do one of three things: 1)Go to the Temple of Rovagug in Ulfgar and kill as many people as we can, 2)Disrupt this Religious groups social influence within Ulfgar, 3)Find some of their resources outside the city and disrupt them. We are not sure about the job. They then offer us a male Tiefling they captured. We find out his name is Adryan Amastras. He is actually a citizen of Ulfgar. Thadeus feels a connection with him but can’t quite place it. The group with Adryan accept the job. The Drow say they will be staying at an inn outside of Ulfgar.
We go inside of Ulfgar to an inn called the Hero’s Dandelion. As soon as the group walks in we turn around and go across the street. The Inn is called the Broken Anvil. It is run by a huge halfling. The building is still being built, half is covered by a roof there other half is covered by a strong tarp. We find out the Temple of Rovagug is constantly being reprimanded by Ulfgar Officials. We also find out about two parties in town. One is called “The Night of Shades”, it is a big party with some higher up officials. The Other is a “Hunting Party” run by Lord Gowzden. We decide to go to the second party. We get some drinks and quickly realize we have been poisoned. The inn is then attacked by six figures. Pathox casts grease on one and the bar starts on fire. We realize they are salamanders. During the fight Thadeus goes down. One is about to Coup de grace on him. Isabella quickly bull rushes him across the bar. The group takes down two of them and the guard shows up. They detain everyone and investigate. Pathox convinces the guard that the salamanders were sent by the Temple of Rovagug. They convict the Salamanders and offer the group compensation. The guard sells the salamanders on the slave market. Everyone in the group gets 750 gold a piece. The Temple of Rovagug gets shut down for one month. Thadeus then becomes a silent partner of the bar by paying for all repair costs. He give the halfling 250 gold for repairs and more supplies.
We head to the party. Thadeus goes with Prince Fifftiffnes to the party. Pathox talks his way in through guild contacts. Adryan convinces the guard he is the head speaker and Isabella is his servant. We get inside and Thadeus discovers the outsiders at the party. There is a head servant near the lord, The other is a noble from another kingdom, and the third is an old “mage”. Pathox and Thadeus enter the hunt and end up being pitted against each other. The fight drags out and none of them can hurt each other. Isabella and Adryan spot the noble putting something in the arena. Adryan chases the man and ends up fascinating him. Isabella points out the cheating to the crowd. Thadeus finally hits Pathox and is awarded the winner by the Lord. Fifftiffnes is awarded 500 gold for his champion winning the hunt.
As the party continues, the mage tries to cast charm on Adryan. Thadeus quickly spots where he is at. Adryan goes to him and takes the mage out of the room. He ends up putting him in a closet. Isabella runs in to Tasgamry they talk for a bit and she re-issues her challenge. Pathox tries to get the crowd to go with it. Tasgamry still refuses. Adryan goes to talk with Lord Gowzden. He was Adryan to help him seduce a girl who has taken a vow of chastity. Adryan disguises himself as the Lord and convinces her to meet him upstairs. The lord has his way with her and lets her father know about it. The Lord gives Adryan one favor. Adryan asks him to fire his head servant in a shameful way. The Lord does so by accusing him of stealing.
Adryan begins leaving, He sees the girl contemplating suicide. He goes over and convinces her not to jump.
We take the wizard back to an empty building. We interrogate him and find out he was hired by Tasgamry. We find out he knows a little bit about Teleportation circles. He also knows how to get to a place called Sigil. His name is Gumian Thumbam. The group ends up paying him to be a retainer.

Eighth Adventure
Journey for a Fae's soul

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Lord Green – Dean
Pathox the Gracious – Quinn
Isabella – Robert
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

The group gets an invitation to a young princes party. They offered 25 gold just to show up. The group gets ready to travel. As they are walking past a sentry post the guards seem nervous. While Thadeus is talking with a guard, Isabella hears a scream from across the way. The group quickly heads over and see two men defiling a Fae in a garden. They have a female Drow guard watching over them. There are guards about but they are doing nothing about it. The guards tell us that they have a permit to do this and that the Fae is not a citizen of Ulfgar. We find out the two men are Benanok and Rasha. Their bodyguards name is Tasgamry. Thadeus goes to kill the girl but the ritual is finished. They are about to kill the girl off, but Lord Green interjects and offers to buy the Fae. Benanok wants to have the wings but Lord Green ends up refusing. Lord Green heals the girl and Isabella gives the Fae her cloak. The Fae’s name is Lady Essly. She is drained of all her powers.
The group that performed the ritual stole parts of her soul. The parts are Soul Dust, Heartgem, and Faerie Light. They intend to use these materials to enter her home plane. We do not have the time to take her to Dean’s place. The guards offer to take her there.
We get to the party and it is a tame party. No one seems excited to be there and it also seems 95% of them have been paid to be there. The prince is a shrouded figure. Lord Green heads over to talk with Tasgamry. She tries to grab Lord Green and Shere Khan quickly grapples her. He ends up letting her go after Lord Green says it is okay. Shere khan steps away. Lord Green and Tasgamry go off to have a good time. Thadeus approaches Prince Fifftiffnes. He finally sees his face and finds out he is an Illithid. Thadeus offers to get the parted started with a card game. Prince tells him he has an unfair advantage because he can read minds. Thadeus offers to team up and make back some of the money the prince spent to get people to come. We then play a game of poker with 10 other people. The game is a 1000 gold buy in. Thadeus ends up dominating the game and wins 4000 gold. After the game, Benanok tells Thadeus he knows he cheated. If he gives him a cut of the winnings he won’t go to the Magistrate. Thadeus refuses and tells him he is making a mistake making an enemy of him. Benanok walks off and gets approached by Lord Green who tries to convince him not to go to the magistrate. Benanok doesn’t listen and leaves the party. Lord Green then goes and talks with Rasha, who flirts with Lord Green. Rasha tells him we could just pay off the judges to drop the case.
Shere Khan and Thadeus follow Benanok and Rasha out of the party. Benanok goes to the Mage’s Guild. Rasha ends up going to the Temple of Zon Kuthan. We hear him talking to four fiendish minotaurs about the Festival of Grapes. Thadeus heads back to the party and gives the prince his share. Thadeus tells the Prince about Benanok and they decide to bribe the judges 2000 gold.
The next morning Thadeus goes to court and his let off of all charges. The group investigates what the Festival of Grapes is. We discover it is a ritual Druids perform on an island. They plan on using the Fae parts and sacrificing five druids to get a great gift from Zon Kuthan. We decide to rent a big boat to get to the island where the festival is being held. In the middle of the night the boat is attacked by pirates. Thadeus shoots Shere Khan out of a Ballista. Our ship is hit with a fireball. Shere Khan sees Benanok on the boat and pounces him. Isabella begins putting out the fires. As the battle ensues, Shere Khan is asked by Benanok’s familiar. Shere Khan tells the gecko to hand over the ingredients. The gecko agrees and heaves up the soul dust. Shere Khan then kills the gecko. The crew surrenders after more of them die. The crew offers to join us if we pay them.
We find 521 gp, 944 sp, 3 uncut rose quartz (183 gold a piece), Air mine Talisman multi sign to the gods (Art worth 350 gold, one time use gives +5 to commune with the gods), Chimes that fascinate a crowd, Rosewood Box (390 gold, art), Painting of the last Ulfgar King (360 gold), 10 Elixirs of Lesser Dragon Breath (2d6 DC 15, worth 250 gold).
We get to the island and interrogate Benanok; he offers the group 8000 gold to let him go. He will call back the Salamanders he has command over. We write up a contract to let him live. He offers us a plan but we refuse his help. He ends up calling his pets back and leaves on the boat.
We decide to go after one at a time. We look for the cleric first. Shere Khan uses his scent to track him down. He finds the track but runs right in to the priests camp. He runs off and they end up chasing him. There is the priest plus four Xills. He leads them right to our group. Thadeus quickly kills Rasha. The Xill are intent on killing Lord Green. The group tries to dispatch them quickly but they end up killing Lord Green. The group is finally able to kill the Xills. Rasha has the second piece of the Fae’s soul, the Heartgem. The group mourns the death of Lord Green. Isabella goes off with Lord Green’s body and burns it.
Tasgamry comes to us with her group of four Fiendish Minotaurs. She wants all of Rasha’s gear and his body. In return, She will give us the last piece of the soul and leave the island with out incident. Isabella challenges Tasgamry and tells her they are now enemies. She will hunt her down until one of them die.
The group goes to the Druids and tell them what happened. They inform us this is a place between worlds. We end up drinking at the festival with the Druids. During the festival we all see a Celestial Unicorn. We receive a blessing that let us use Hero points on another person one time.
We head back to Ulfgar and meet up with Benanok. He pays us the 8000 gold grudgingly.
We go to meet the Fae but Lord Green’s father released all his Harem. We go looking for them. We find them working in a bar. We work with the bartender to get them back. We execute Lord Green’s will and they all get citizenship. We give the Fae her soul back. She cannot leave this plane for awhile. Thadeus offers for her to stay with him.
We go meet the prince. He readily meets with us. We approach him to petition for Lord Green to receive a name posthumous. He accepts but we have to stay with him for awhile. We move in and Lord Green receives a name.

Treasure we each get 2517 gp 241sp, we keep the chimes and the Air Talisman.

Seventh Adventure Part 2

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Shere Khan – Tim
Pathox the Majestic – Quinn
Lord Green – Dean
Chihiro – Debbie

As Pathox, Shere Khan, and Thadeus are sleeping in the cave with the Copper Mites. There is a rustling in the room as Chihiro and Lord Green appear from an invisible bag. A creature takes 10 gold from Lord Green and disappears. The roup starts too pack up camp and inform the new party members of their progress.
We then head out of the western tunnel and sense a lot of moisture. The ground is solid stone. We can hear creatures in the other room but can’t see anything. Lord Green casts light on one of Thadeus arrows and Thadeus shoots it in the room. We see some horrific statues. Pathox casts grease inside the room and Lord Green lights the grease with burning hands. As the room starts on fire, a Basilisk jumps at the group. The group enters the battle Chihiro and Thadeus shoot both it eyes out with arrows. Lord Green runs in to the room and climbs on top of a statue. He doesn’t notice another basilisk on his side of the room. Also four skeletal champions enter the battle. As the battle rages on, four statues come to life including the one that Lord Green is standing on. Shere khan defeats the first basilisk. Chihiro and Thadeus shoot the other basilisks eyes out. Lord Green takes command of two of the skeletons. The group wins the fight.
We receive 300 gold of trade good, 17 platinum, 82 gold, 340 silver, 1200 copper, Potion of Enlarge Person.
We head up the northern tunnel. The tunnel starts turning from a rough stone to a smooth stone. The room just has a walkway with a domed ceiling. Lord Green decides to send in one of his skeletons and it quickly disappears. Pathox then decides to fly in. As he enters the room the gravity gives out and he gets grabbed by a slime creature. Shere Khan runs in the room and goes to grab Pathox from this creature. We quickly dispatch this monster and notice there are some gems up in the ceiling. We search the room for treasure.
We receive 200 gold in mundane gear, Masterwork Shield Light Steel +1 gives off a shallow pool of light 20 ft., Arcane Scroll Lightning Bolt, 83 gold in cut gems.
We keep going north as we near another cavern a voice tells us to leave and never come back. As the voice is talking a creature attacks Thadeus from behind. The group is then attacked by 2 Xill’s. The group fights both of them off and find an old rusted sword. It was once an impressive weapon. It can cast rust once a week.
We also find 4 Longbows, 4 short swords, 2 shields, 400 gold, and Components from Xill’s (Two potions Ethereal Jaunt 1000 gold a piece.
The next room is full of sand and goes both northeast and northwest. There are skulls all over the place. We get the sense the skulls are aware of us. Lord Green sends another skeleton through the halls and it falls through the floor and is swarmed by undead. Lord Green then casts Invisibility to Undead on us. Thadeus ends up falling through the floor and quickly gets out. We quickly go through this room and find no treasure. Lord Green then takes more control of more undead.
We keep heading north until we get to an iron bound door. Shere Khan quickly breaks down the door. There is a circular room with three adjacent doors. Lord Green sends in a skeleton and it gets cut in half by a blade. As the trap is resetting we open the door going west. There are two chests on opposite sides of the room. Lord Green sends in four skeletons to retrieve the chests. We notice a faint gas coming out of the walls.
Inside the chests we find Small Javelin Head 1 elemental ice (Changes length), 2 potions of bless weapon, 4 Potions of Rope Trick, 250 platinum, Royal Cloak (1 AC and Saves, +1 to charisma).
Shere Khan takes the cloak. We open the door to the northern room and find a long hallway to another room. Lord Green sends another skeleton forth. As soon as the skeleton enters the room, a bell goes off and the skeleton quickly crumbles. Pathox decides to run in. As he enters the hall, the bell goes off again and he starts taking damage. He runs in and finds a hoard of treasure and a giant bell. He runs back and informs the group. We close the door and decide to come back later.
We head to the eastern door. As soon as we open it a trap springs. Bringing down the whole brick ceiling. We decide to rest up in the room with the copper mites. During the night, Thadeus hears singing coming from a northern room. He just ignores it and keep his watch. Pathox then takes over watch and hears the singing also. He decides to leave the group and investigate. He enters a room with a pond. There is a woman singing. She is stunning and also chained to the floor with a thin platinum chain. She is there with a big snake. They are both awar of him. He finds out the woman’s name is Krissus and the Snake’s name is Sissus. They were chained down here by the creator of this place. Pathox plays a game with Sissus. If he loses he has to come in to the room so they can see him. He loses to Sissus and only shows his face. Sissus becomes upset and refuses to talk with him. Pathox returns to the group and switches watch with Shere Khan. Shere Khan hears the music and decides to go look. He bgins talking with the two. They ask him if they could release them. There is an item in this maze that can break her chain. Shere Khan then mates with Krissus. The group wakes up and stumbles upon the two mating. Thadeus confronts Shere khan about leaving the group unattended. Pathox tries to get in Sissus good graces. So he tells him another riddle and impresses him. She tells us if we release her she will grant each of us one foreseeing.
The group go through the South East tunnel. There is a leather fur covering the doorway. As we enter we are attacked by two Ettins and a horde of skeletons. We quickly dispatch them.
In this room we found Two scrolls Dimensional Anchor, Mundane Equipment 100 gold, 4 potions of Magic Fang, Necklace of Pink Pearls (900 gold), 900 copper, 340 silver, 79 gold, 1 platinum.
We head out through a western tunnel and enter a room smelling of mold. There are three skeletons at the table. We do not find anything and decide to head out the northern door way. As we are exiting the room a big panes of glass covers the door. Thadeus is trapped inside as the room fills up with water. Lord Green casts shatter on the glass and Thadeus is able to get out.
We come to a room filled with sleeping giants. Pathox gets caught by a giant. The Giant informs him that they drank some magic water and want to become good. So Pathox tells them they can leave and the path is clear. The giants end up leaving.
We head out through a western tunnel. We come across a small opening covered with a metal screen. Pathox pulls the mesh open and goes inside. He gets swarmed by a bunch of stirges. Shere Khan goes in to lay a distraction. Lord Green does his negative burst to kill the swarm.
In this room we find 2 scrolls of Blink, Mundane Equipment 100 gold, 3 masterwork toolkits (Blacksmithing, Miner’s Kit, Musical Instrument), 1 Flame Sickle (2 enchantment), 300 gold in gems, 1400 gold.
We walk down a long tunnel and hear a waterfall. Lord Green enters the room and sees a beautiful woman playing in the water. She becomes completely submissive and asks Lord Green to command her. Her name is Walerie. She appears to be human. Pathox drinks from the water and is completely healed. She then asks us if we would all like a wish. We each asks her one and are granted an attribute increase.
We head through a southern tunnel. Shere Khan smells Ettins and skeletons in the next room. A battle ensues and we manage to win the fight.
In this room we find a Diamond worth 5000 gold.
We head north from the waterfall room. As we approach the door a tied up skeleton is thrown out with a note. We kill it and head in to the room to clear it out.
We find 800 gold in this room.
We go the next and the whole floor is an illusion. At the bottom of the floor there are 10 ghouls and 3 gases. We quickly dispatch these creatures and find no tresure.
We go to the room to the east and the whole room is an illusion. Pathox falls under the spell and the group quickly snaps him out of it.
We head down a hallway with a big wooden door. As we approach the door it explodes in flames. We then begin fighting a red dragon. Shere Khan jumps on his back and the battle begins. As we weaken the dragon he tries to surrender. We ask him about the item we seek. He looks at an axe on the floor and has a mischievous smile. We quickly finish him off. And find a whole horde of treasure.
We find Masterwork Arrows 40, 4 potions of Sanctuary, 600 gold mundane stuff, 150 platinum, 950 gold, 4000 silver, 2000 copper, 1100 gold in gems, Artwork (worth 900 gold)
We take the time to skin the dragon and take any useful parts. We go back to the room an release Krissus and Sissus. They tell us they will be staying in Ulfgar and we can claim are reward whenever we want to. We also head back to the room with the bell and use the rusted sword on it.
We then return to Ulfgar with all the treasure. We give all the treasure from the bell room, the rusted sword, and a +1 warhammer to Lord Jefferson. We take everything else.
Total Loot for everyone was 86 pp, 5087 gp, 1081 sp, 820 cp. We kept the dragon parts, 4 scrolls dimensional anchor, 4 potions rope trick, and 4 potions magic fang.


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