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First Adventure everyone gained Citizenship to Ulfgar.
We also all got Membership to Adventurer’s Guild. Due to bet Thaedeus won against Pennite Junior.
Mr. Greene(Dean) paid for his own Membership.

First Adevnture
High noon at the OK Corral

Sorry if I miss something but this is all from memory. If you have anything to add please do.
We started the story in a Village called Darin. The weather was dreary with storm clouds and heavy rain. It was a small village with two inns, if you could even consider a converted barn an inn. It was just another day in the main inn (Sorry cant remember the name). It was a strange group gathered in this inn, with only one barmaid service was slow. There was a girl sitting in the corner surrounded by shadows. At a table sat an unusual man for these parts he had hair of fire and carried a trident. And sitting under a chair with a sign reading “NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!” was a young copper dragon drinking ale.
Meanwhile, in the barn were two mysterious figures cloaked. One carrying nothing but the clothes on his back. The other dressed in full “Arabic” shall. The cloaked figure decides to leave the bar and witnesses a lone rider come in to town on a mighty steed. The man dismounts and give him 3 copper to stable the horse. Not causing problems the cloaked man takes it to the stable and gives the money to the stable boy. He then proceeded towards the inn.
At this moment a lone female walks in to the bar and inquires about a group of special adventurer’s. The barmaid says, “She hasn’t seen anyone of that description.” Despite knowing the adventurer’s within the inn. Curious about this woman the dragon decides to talk with this woman. Her name is Lily, and apparently she has come to end “our misery”. As they are talking another figure walks in to the inn. He is a figure wearing no armor an carrying an armory. He walks up to the dragon and tells him he has been sent to speak with him. The lady says she is talking with the dragon. The warrior tells her he has an appointment and starts to walk away with the dragon. She then casts a spell at the warrior and tells him, “Sit down, relax”. The warrior turns and sits at the bar. (I cant remember what started the fight but a fight started)

As the fight broke out the ninja decided to attack Lily. Lily not afraid of the attack doesn’t even move. As the ninja strikes she hits an invisible barrier, but then from her weapon comes a powerful light that came from her weapon that breaks through the barrier. Lily is stunned as the blade cuts her. then the dragon strikes with his breath weapon and slows her down. The warrior pulls his bow and hits her, and the same power springs from his weapon but it is a different color. After that attack more enemies came through the windows and doors and started attacking. These shadowy figures attacked the group. As the fight began in the inn, the townsfolk were being slaughtered. The “Arab” began fighting these other figures on his mount.
As the fight in the inn continued Lily was starting to feel pain. A sensation she never felt before and was soon realizing how much she enjoyed it. As her minions started to fall in battle she said a prayer, “In the name of Urgathoa and the Gods of Old bring them back to life.” The ground shook and her men starting rising up from the dead. So we had to kill everyone again (Damn you Mike). As the fight continued Lily went down she then arose as an Undead Nightmare (Not Official Name). So we struck her down again. The fight continued as backup came in the form of hounds and a wizard. As the bbattle turned against them the wizard tried to retreat. The Unarmed warrior chased after and killed this wizard.
After the battle the town was in ruins and many of the citizens were dead. We laid the people we could to rest. The cleric did a prayer to Erastil (I think). The Cleric and the Horseman built an altar to him and ask to protect the city. The Cleric then saw a vision of a dark fist rising from the ground trying to kill him. Then the fist starts growing flowers and dissipates. He is told there is an army of 300 coming to kill all of us. We then decided to send the town people to the coast and we will take the longer route to Ulfgar. We were trying to have the army follow us. As we were gathering supplies the Cleric noticed a man with two horses looting the houses. So he commandeered the horses. The man would not leave him alone So we threatened him until he left. The Warrior commandeered two horse for himself and the ninja.
The First day was a tough ride. The weather was getting worse and the terrain was just muddy and rough. That night we found a perfect clearing well hidden to rest. That night we slept well. The second day we carried on with a rough ride. That night we found another place to rest we could see a small caravan off in the distance. During the night the horseman spots some people coming towards camp. He comes an wakes up the warrior. As he awakens we are attacked. The warrior and the cleric go down. As the fight ensues the paladin heals the cleric who burst heals the group. The rogues are dealt with. We still see some fighting going on in the camp. So the Horseman and the Monk go over to the camp and kill the rest of the rogues there. The camp is grateful for our help and offer to let us stay with them. The cleric then goes and gets busy with some woman. The Horseman goes and talks with the elder who is grateful for our help. She offers to cloaks us from our enemy so we can make it to Ulfgar unharmed. We accept and travel the rest of the way there.

The Monk – Tim
The Warrior – Billy
The Ninja – Debbie
The Cleric – Dean
The Horseman / “Arab” – Robert
The Dragon – Quinn
The Paladin – Justin

Second Adventure
The Arrival and The Harem

Cast of Characters I will use code names for characters whose name i dont know or remember.
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox – Quinn
The Ninja – Debbie
The Paladin – Justin
The Horsewoman – Robert
Lord Green – Dean

As we entered Ulfgar we had gear to sell but didnt know where to sell it. The Cleric proceeded to give us a guided tour. Telling us a places we would get ripped off, where we could get women, food, some gambling, and finally where we could sell our stuff. As we were walking through town we noticed the slave trade. We noticed a defiant half-orc being ordered around. The Horseman goes over to talk to the trader. He ends up buying the slave after some crafty negotiations from the Cleric. Those without citizenship to Ulfgar go about getting it. The group separates to due their own thing. Titus goes to the Dwarven embassy to due some research where he meets up with a girl who offers to take him to the Main Library of Ulfgar.
We sell our gear and decide to head to an inn called the Golden Goose?. The Golden Goose is a huge Inn with trophies of creatures on the wall. It also houses the Adventurers Guild. We are approached by a man named Pennite Junior. Who offers to pay for our memberships if we can beat him at a game of cards. Thadeus having a knack for gambling takes the deal. Thadeus ends up winning so everyone gets a free membership, except the Cleric who pays for his own membership.
We then see three people hiring for jobs. The paladin offers to help an old man who cant afford to hire anyone, but the Cleric tricks him in to taking another job from a rich noble. The rich noble wants us to go to the small kingdom and ruins this lords resources and mess with his Harem.
The cleric tells the Paladin that we must goes rescue these Virgin Maidens who have been kidnapped.
We head out and as soon as we arrive in the village we see a group of militia starting to hang a woman. We start to fight the militia and their boss, The Oily Guy. Thadeus tries to shoot the rope hanging the girl but misses (Damn ropes are hard to hit). The horseman casts a spell to entangle the group. Everyone gets stuck except Shere Khan and the oily guy. Shere Khan chases after the oily guy and hamstrings him. We end up dealing with the militia and save the girl. Who throws herself at the Cleric. We collect a Whip and a +1 Longsword from the oily guy.
As we get in to the keep the lord is waiting with his Harem. He knows what we are there to do. He tells us about this competition between him and the lord that hired us. So we have a party with the harem. Whoever wanted one got a bimbo slave, some people took two. The Lord kept trying to seduce the pallie but didnt succeed. We ended up going back to Ulfgar and getting paid.

Third Adventure
The Cheese Festival

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Magnificent – Quinn
Chihiro – Debbie
Mr. Green – Dean

-We get hired by a guy to go save a village from danger. He offers us riches beyond our dreams. He wants us to leave in the morning.
-Shere Khan gets approached by Lady Catherine. The Lady appears to be noble wearing leather armor. She offers to pay us 500 gold to not help the village.
-As we travel to this town. We see a group of horsemen paralleling our course. Chihiro, Shere Khan, and Thadeus sneak up to the group. The group gets suspicious and rides off. We can tell they are well armed and armored.
-We take refuge in a farmers barn. Thadeus pays him 9 silver for us to sleep in his barn. Pathox pays him a gold to sleep in his bed and be served meals. Shere Khan and Thadeus hunt coyotes for the farmer and make 8sp killing four.
-That night we get attacked. Pathox over hears a man paying one of his slaves 50 gold replacing the barn. The Bad guys light the barn on fire. We Kill 9 of them and Shere Khan tells the others they can leave before they die. Everyone that can, leaves. Thadeus picks Two off with his bow as they are running away.
-The Loot we receive was: Five horses (75 gold each), one Longbow (75 gold), Longsword (15 gold), 3 spears (2 gold each), 7 daggers (2gp each), light crossbow (35 gold). 5 sets of chain shirts (100 gold each). 36 gp
-We head out Pathox pays the farmer 25 gold for his burnt down barn. Even though the bandits paid his bimbo 50 gold.
-We set up camp for the night and get attacked by a group of shadowy figures casting magic missile. They keep retreating in to the dark and casting magic missiles. We capture two of them and Tim scares the rest away. Shere Khan, Chihiro, and Pathox begin interrogations. We find out there tactics are to wear us down and waste resources. We decide to let them fight to the death to decide who survives. They had to use a spear but the one killed the other with magic missile. So Thadeus shot him for cheating.
-The loot we received was: 2 spellbooks (15 gold a piece not counting spells inside), silver dagger(92 gold), scrolls, 60 gold.
-We arrived at the town in time for the Cheese Festival. We take an offering and receive a gift from the gods. 2 more skills points, or 2 more Hit Points, or 2d8 hero points. Chihiro meets a girl who wishes to go to Ulfgar but doesn’t know if she should. Pathox plays games with these little kids. Thadeus meets a man who tries to marry the Half-Dwarf in to his family. Shere Khan takes an apprentice under his claw. Green meets a girl who tells him of a vision of the incoming attack. Dean then slept with her.
-We set up a diversion in town square. Chihiro got a 31 for a disguising the camp site. During the day 20 kobolds attack with 3 hounds. We fend them off. A boy arrives to tell us that Lady Catherine will offer us 300 gold to walk away without her unleashing her full force. We see her in the distance and decide to stealth up to her. Thadeus leaves through the back way. She spots us sneaking up and attacks Pathox and Chihiro with her archers. She has 9 Drakon, 20 kobolds, 10 mercenaries, and 3 mages. Thadeus kills one of her mages. We make a deal with Lady Catherine for a +1 dagger. She ends up loaning us her keep with 14 serfs.
-The deal was she leaves this town alone and we rent her estate from her for 6 months.
We sold all the gear and each got 270 gold and 8 silver a piece.

Side Adventure
The Blood Games

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Mr. Greene – Dean
Pathox the Wonderful – Quinn

-We are all sitting around the Adventurer’s Guild when a Bard starts singing of great fighters and even worse losers. Thadeus asks a fellow patron what he is singing about. He is told that today is the day of the Quarterly Games. A great tournament where Adventurer’s test their skills. Naturally we decide to go and win some money.
-The rules of the Tournament on simple. To the death and you fight a random monster.
-Shere Khan decides to fight first. Thadeus bets 200 gold, Green bets 27 gold, Pathox bets 15 gold. Shere khan wins the fight easily against an undead creature. We all win 125% our bet.
-The Next to fight is Pathox. We all make huge bets at 125% odds. Thadeus and Green bet 600 gold each, and Shere Khan bets 300 gold. They put a net 10 ft off the ground to block pathox from flying to high.Pathox begins his fight against a dire wolf. The fight is going pretty evenly until the wolf trips him. Then Pathox decides to plea for mercy. The crowd gives it to him but they throw fruit and other disgusting things at him. We all lose our bets.
-Thadeus decides to fight next. The odds are 125% your bet.He bets 300 gold on himself, Pathox bets 1 silver and a slave, Green and Shere khan also place bets. He ends up fighting this statue construct. He wins the fight without taking a scratch.
-Mr. Green decides to fight. Thadeus bets 600 gold, Pathox bets 2 silver and two slaves. Shere khan and mr. Green bet also. Mr. Green ends up fighting a demon. Mr. Green wins his fight.
-We then decide to do a Group fight after talking Mr. Green in to it. We bet all our gold on ourselves. We end up fighting four Statue Constructs. We end up finally winning after a hard fought battle and winning the tournament purse of 6000 gold. We receive a +6 to diplomacy for the next month due to fame at the the tourney.
-Chichiro won 3000 gold off of bets.

Fourth Adventure
Drow and The God of Peace

Cast of Characters
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Pathox the Great – Quinn
Lord Green – Dean
The Horsewoman – Robert

-We start off with loose ends. Thadeus goes around town looking for different items. He goes to a Wondrous Item shop and talks to a man who leaves the room. The same man enters the room but starts acting weird and insulting. He buys his stuff and leaves. He then goes to a weapons shop and talks with a dwarf. The merchant goes to the back and Thadeus hears a conversation. The Dwarf is talking to him like he is in the backroom. The Dwarf tells him to leave and then walks out of the back and asks why Thadeus is still there. Thadeus tries to explain that there is someone going around impersonating people. But the Dwarf doesn’t believe him and kicks him out.
-Lord Green is out and about when he gets accused of molesting some farmers goats. Lord Green tells him that he has seven witnesses that can confirm his whereabouts. The guard lets it go.
-Pathox starts running a greased up wrestling match with his bimbos. He is approached by a noble that says Pathox has stolen his daughter and forced her to perform in this. Pathox notices that one of the girls is not his bimbo. He asks her what she is doing and she says he ask her to come perform. Pathox denies the accusation. Lord Green comes and starts debating with this noble about what is going on. The Noble insist on going to the Truth Seekers. They go and find out that both parties are telling the truth. After an investigation is launched, they tell us there are some imps running around pretending to be us. They were sent from the Temple of Winter Stars Peace.
-As we are leaving town we get approached by some Kings Men. They are saying somebody has accused Pathox of mating with their horses to create Half-Dwarfs. After much debate, Lord Green works out some loopholes to the law so we can leave.
-The weather is dreary as we are traveling. Pathox becomes depressed from all this rain. We realize that the gods are influencing the rain, but we can’t figure what gods are involved. We set up camp inside a web hut Lord Green makes. We get attacked during the night by 36 Kobolds. We start taking them out and one of them starts worshiping Lord Green. The Kobolds scatter and Lord Green tells his Kobold to please Pathox.
- As the fight ends, we see an Old man and His daughter approaching the camp. They ask us if we are okay, and tells us they were coming to help. The Old man is carrying a heavy crossbow. We let him have all the scrap metal from the fight. He offers to let us stay at his house. He has an appreciation for Pathox stating he use to be a part of the Dragon Riders of Ulfgar. His name is Sir Reginald. We sleep the rest of the night without incident.
-We arrive in a town named Myra. There is a man that talks about the God of Peace, a god we have never heard of. He starts saying a prayer, “Oh Great God of Peace, No need for regrets, for Mistakes Made Yesterday. The Past is gone, No looming fate, No In-controllable Fate, No Hunger, No Sickness, No Fear, No Death, Nothing ahead nothing behind. Just stillness, light warmth the pain you felt. The pain you may have caused others, it’s behind you no looking back, no fear of what may come. Just pulse of time. Invigorating soothing, bask in my light. Take comfort knowing I am here. You will never be alone.” As he finishes his speech the weather clears up and the crowd is visibly happier. Lord Green goes up to the guy and asks about his god. He finds out he is apart of the Temple of Winter Stars Peace. There are many sects but they all have the word peace in the title.
-We start traveling with the crowd and we arrive at a field that has been prepared with tents and food. It isn’t enough to feel the crowd, but they are enthralled and feel blessed for the food they have. We decide to split up and investigate the camp. Thadeus goes north in search of the people in charge. He notices a magical influence but can’t figure out why the group isn’t being affected. Pathox investigates the south part of camp and finds a group of Drow. They are being kind and giving hugs to people. As he is leaving he feels a spell being cast at him. He looks back and sees that one of the Drow cast the spell. He ignores her and takes off. The Horsewoman investigates the east part of camp and finds that is where the leader is at but is quickly asked to leave the area. Lord Green goes west and finds two women and gets “information” out of them.
-As we leave the campsite Pathox starts pondering this religion and thinking of joining. We end our journey at beach where there is a huge temple. There are over a thousand people already here. We notice that the more zealot the people the closer they are to the temple. Pathox gets put ahead of everyone. Thadeus, The Horsewoman, and Lord Green pretend to be a zealot and gets put near Pathox. A Man in white cloak comes at asks for the most devout for their ceremony. He picks Pathox and Thadeus out of the crowd.
-Pathox and Thadeus get taken in to the temple. They are stripped of gear and clothes. They are escorted to a room with 98 other people.
-Lord Green and The Horsewoman talk there way in to the Temple. They to are stripped of their gear and weapons. They are taken to a separate room. Lord Green asks the guards be put in the room with Pathox and Thadeus. He partakes of the food in the room and begins coming under the influence of this place.
-All the rooms are being cleared out and we are being escorted to a big chamber. There is a giant pit of fire in the center of the room. People are doing feats for the gods inside the room. We see that people doing a good job are being escorted to another room. People doing bad are being corralled to the center of the room. Lord Green and Pathox do well. They finally notice the other companions being corralled and snap out of it.
-The Horsewoman and Thadeus start fighting back. We soon realize we are greatly out numbered so we decide to get the hell out of dodge. We manage to get clear of the main chamber. and get surrounded by guards in a room with huge statues with no faces. As we are about to start fighting the guards are attacked by another group of people. During the fight we realize the people helping us are Drow. We manage to break clear of the guards. Thadeus picks up one of the fallen Drow.
-Thadeus stops at the pile of equipment refusing to leave his gear. The group helps him look. Thadeus finds his gear. The group then decides to grab some random gear. Thadeus opts out and helps the Drow keep the guards busy so the group doesn’t get surrounded. We got three items; Feather Token: Whip, Folding Boat, and Necklace of Fireball (Type 1).
-We decide to disperse through the crowd. Some Drow spell casters appear out of the crowd and cast a huge spell which deflects the guards arrows. We quickly vanish with the Drow escorting us.
-The Drow refuse to talk with us. They say only their leader has that right. We come to a camp where we meet Lady Dominique, Servant of Lolth, Queen of Shadows. Lord Green and Thadeus try and charm her. She takes The Horsewoman to the side and tells her she had a vision from her god, stating if the Drow don’t side with the Children of the Gods the Drow will fall. She then informs her that the Caretaker of Shadows is coming to test us. To see if we are the children of the gods. She does this where everyone can hear her but is only talking to The Horsewoman. After there conversation she tells the Horsewoman to have the Dwarf come to her tent wearing a collar.
-The next night, huge bats appear carrying some more Drow. The Caretaker of Shadows is an Old Woman with a permanent scowl on her face. She will only talk to the women in camp. She tells us of The Test of Flames, and if we do not pass we die. We hold the Test of Flames. We are brought to a field with a huge Fire burning.
-The Horsewoman is told to go first. Upon entering, She is asked what god she serves? She responds Sarenrae. She is then asked what is her purpose in this life? She responds, “To bring Light to this world and all people. Whether they want it or not.”
-Lord Green is picked second. He is asked the same questions. He responds, “I worship all gods and my purpose is to bring balance to this world.”
-Pathox is next. He responds, “I worship Apsu. His purpose is to show his power through helping others and protecting the world from the enemies of the gods.”
-Thadeus is last. He responds, “I worship Torag and Wee Jas equally for they were the gods of my parents. He will use this power to protect the people from and defeat the enemies of the gods.”
-The flames disappear and the heroes are standing in the field looking proud and noble. We have received a gift from the gods. We may pick one of our gods domains. We get the powers and spells of that domain. We use our character level for spells.
-After we see a smirk from Lady Dominique. The Caretaker of Shadows gives her a look and she stops. The Old woman is about to say something and we see her visibly change attitudes. She says with a threatening tone, “You have done well Dominique. Keep up the good work.” The Old Lady departs. Dominique tells us, “We will meet again when Lolth commands it.” The Drow give us supplies and leave camp.
-Then out of the Trees appears a Giant Copper Great Wyrm. She says, “Pathox it is time to come home. You have played long enough.” Pathox slumps down and says, “Ok mother.” Thadeus approaches her and says, “Are you Pathox’s mom? I was sent to get information from you.” She picks him up and puts him in a bag. The others ask to come as well and she puts them in a bag. As we are traveling we can hear her chastising Pathox.

Fifth Adventure Part 1
The Village of Death

Cast of Characters
Chihiro – Debbie
Pathox the Magnificent – Quinn
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

The Group started out in a village of Cloud Giants in the den of Mariasia, Pathox’s Mother. She is chiding Pathox for leaving. After she is done with that she begins talking Thadeus’s ear off, mentioning random things. She informs the group about the Temple of the Stars. It is a place the dragons destroyed years ago due to the dangerous information it contained. There is a group that has taken control of the place searching for what was destroyed. She does an enchantment for Thadeus. She then gives him a gem called “The Oracle”.
As she leaves the group meets Bria, a teenage Cloud Giant and caretaker of Pathox. Pathox bribes her 100 gold of his moms treasure so she will look the other way. They are contemplating how to gt to this temple. It is way up in the mountains a two day ride from the village. They are approached by a Cloud Giant who is offering to loan or buy rams. They are 700 gold for mount and saddle. Thadeus and Chihiro each buy one. Thadeus also gives Chihiro his extra Longbow.
On their first day on the road they are attacked by a group of Harpies. They receive a jeweled dagger worth 125 gold, a dose of poison, a Handy Haversack, 100 gold, 2 gems worth 10 gold a piece, 90 silver, and a Elemental Gem(Air) from defeating them.
Thadeus finds a cave to camp in for the night. Chihiro takes first watch and sees four halflings sneaking up on the camp. She kills two without them noticing. The group quickly dispatches the thieves. As they are searching around they see bottles of oil being thrown at the mouth of the cave. Then a torch hits and the whole cave bursts in to flames. As each person leaves the cave they get lassoed and dragged by horses. Pathox flies up to his captor an kills him. Chihiro cuts herself loose, Thadeus quickly escapes his ropes. They take on this group and get pretty beat up. They decide to wait for the campfire to die out and stay in the cave. Thadeus makes a fake trail in case anymore show up. The group sleeps for the night regaining few hit points. The next morning they see a new set of tracks following Thadeus’s fake trail.
As they are traveling the next day they see an ambush being set up. There are halflings, they all appear to be children, hiding in trees and they have dug up holes with spikes for us to fall in. Chihiro tries to reason with them but they seem deranged. The group dispatches them all except one who tried to kill himself. The group realized these halflings have been mind controlled. They keep the halfling and follow their tracks back to a village.
The Villagers are all bound. There is a cleric at an altar being fed recently killed villagers. He has six henchmen with him. Pathox then decides to use his necklace of fireballs. He blows up the whole village. Right before the teams eyes the village changes. They realize it was all an illusion. All the villagers are already dead and in the center of the village is a five headed hydra. There is a cleric cursing us for ruining his plan. Thadeus quickly dispatches the cleric before he can cast a spell. The rest of the group kills the hydra. After burying the dead, The group decides to stay at the village and regain their strength.
They find Hydra Skin worth 900 gold, Wand of Magic Missile (49 charges), 60 trade gems (worth 10 gold a piece), Ring of Protection (+1 to saves and armor), 200 gold, 50 platinum, 2000 in trade goods.

Fifth Adventure Part 2
Chokeweed and The Temple of the Stars

Cast of Characters
Pathox the Grand – Quinn
Isabella – Robert
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy

Pathox and Thadeus meet up with Isabella and continue on to The Temple of the Stars. As they depart the village, Thadeus spots a box hidden in the debris. Inside the box is a Translucent cloth with magical properties. The box also contains 3 health potions (2d8+6). The group decides to ride on through the night and come upon five soldiers setting up an ambush. The group springs in to action and quickly dispatches the group. Most of their gear was destroyed by Isabella’s spells. They manage to collect 50 gold from them.
The group finds a trail leading straight to the temple. They see a part of the mountain with arches and a once magnificent structure. There is a camp of tents set up we see no one but a boy shackled up and a girl collecting food to serve. We decide to sneak up and investigate the tents. We find there are a total of 12 guards in the tents, 10 soldiers and two clerics. As we are sneaking through the camp, The boy notices us but doesn’t say a thing. He points us out to the girl and she gets excited but quickly hides her emotions. She slyly asks if there is anything she can do to help. Thadeus tells her to lay low.
There is a crumpled walkway where they have made a rope bridge to get across. The group quickly makes it across without attracting attention. They come to a door with a design of a flower with druidic writing. Isabella translates it. It says Chokeweed. It is a flower that lures people in with its beauty and then poisons them.
As we enter the temple we see at the end of the hallway two dead bodies. Thadeus pulls out the Oracle and asks where to go for The Scroll of the Stars. It highlights a triangle around the bodies and a gem at the top of the stairs . Thadeus tries to drag out the bodies with a grapple. As the grapple enters the triangle two scorching rays shoot out from the gem and break the rope.
The group goes around and sees a room once filled with 15 statues and three doors. There are only four statues standing. Pathox takes the oracle and asks it where to go. The Oracle highlights the statues, the door on the left and straight ahead with a coppery fire. We see that it is trying to warn us. It then drains Pathox of one Constitution.
They enter the room and the door closes. The statues come alive and start attacking the group. They quickly dispatch the statues. We see a gem at the top of the domed ceiling. Thadeus dislodges the gem with an arrow. Pathox catches the gem before it hits the ground. The gems estimated worth is 2000-4000 gold.
We open the door to the right and a warm stale air comes through. The room is completely dark even to darkvision. Pathox grabs the Oracle and tells it to dispel the darknss. A coppery fire shoots out again and the darkness clears. Pathox is drained of one constitution again. The room has a tiny walkway that has traps meant to push people off. At the end there are stones hanging from the ceiling meant to crush people that walk on the wrong spot. The group safely makes it across and finds a door with a more intricate etching of Chokeweed. Isabella begins defacing the etching and the group is attacked by some mages. The group kills them quickly. We receive Ring of Levitation, Wand of Knock (47 charges), 200 gold in trade gems.
The door will not budge. Pathox is hesitant to use the gem again. Thadeus takes the gem and thinks why would Mariasia give this to him if he can’t use it. An idea pops in his head. He holds the Oracle and says, “I, Thadeus Aeducan Child of the Gods, Command you to open this door.” A green light shoots forth from the Oracle. The door begins to slowly open. Thadeus then gives the Oracle to Pathox and tells him to state who he is. Pathox tells the Oracle, “I am Pathox, Child of the Gods.” The Oracle restores Pathox’s 2 points of constitution.
They see a five foot wide walkway that heads to a huge crystal in the center of an endless room. As we enter this crystal the room lights up. It shows us maps of the entire world. It shows us every teleportation circle. It then shows us the Undercity. It shows us below that is a place where ancient dwarves use to rule. And below that are these crypts with a strange power eminating from them. The Map warns us of the danger these tombs represent. We then ask where The Scroll of the Stars is at? It points out a Vault within the Drow city. It gives us four different ways to get there.
As we are studying this we hear the sounds of footsteps running toward the room. Thadeus quickly commands The Oracle to close the doors. The doors begin to shut but 17 guys manage to come through the door. The leader of the group comes forth and asks to speak with us. We notice people taking notes of what the crystal is showing. Thadeus tells it to shut off and the crystal obeys. The leader looks disappointed and tells us he doesn’t want to kill us. His lackeys bring out bags of gold. He says we can have these if we just walk away. He then tells us he serves Rovagug. Thadeus asks us who Rovagug serves. The Leader is curious about this question. Thadeus explains what he knows of gods defecting to the side of these old gods. Thadeus then tells him he has an oath to fulfill and if they are the enemies of the gods, they are his enemies.Pathox then tells the Oracle to move the crystal away and collapse the bridge. The crystal obeys and the men start unleashing spells and arrows. Thadeus goes down from a slew of magic missiles. Isabella casts Obscuring Mist and Pathox gives a potion to Thadeus.
The Crystal takes the group to the top of the mountain. We spend some time etching maps from the crystal. We then get the idea to ask The Oracle to copy the information. It gets a partial copy of the crystal. Pathox then tells the crystal to destroy itself and the Temple. We quickly escape the top of the mountain as it is collapsing. We head back to the Cloud Giant Village.

Sixth Adventure
One Eyed Assassins

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Chihiro – Debbie
Pathox the Magnificent – Quinn
Lord Green – Dean

Shere Khan runs across a Cyclops in the marketplace. The cyclops tells him that he and his group are going to kill him in the morning. Shere khan offers to buy him a drink. He brings him over to the Adventurer’s Guild. Most of the group is outside when he arrives. No one can understand what this Cyclops is saying so, Lord Green casts a spell to improve his intelligence. He Informs us that his brother, cousin and him were sent to kill our group. There is a man holding his village hostage until they complete the job. Shere Khan then comes up with a counter offer. We will help them kill this guy if they leave us alone. The cyclops accepts the deal but tells us we have to convince his brother. He is staying at The Guilded Horse. His brother will respond best to acts of strength.
We appear at The Guilded Horse and there is a line with a halfling bouncer. We manage to talk our way in. Lord Green asks the Madame for information. She informs him of the room the cyclops are staying in. It seems everyone in this brothel wants the Cyclops’s gone. The guard near the door casually decides to take a break. He leaves his key where it is easily stolen. Chihiro takes the key without him noticing. He finally realizes the key is gone and leaves.
Chihiro and Shere Khan disguise themselves as maids. Thadeus sneaks in behind them. We see them having a good time doing things we can’t ever unsee. Lord Green and Chihiro sneak closer to their weapons and throw them out the window. The head cyclops notices us and decides to talk it out with us. He is quite articulate and knowledgeable. We finalize the deal to help the Cyclops.
We are traveling with these Cyclops. Their names are Lunk (First Cyclops), Slater (The Smart one), and Screech (The Cousin). We stay at a Bed and Breakfast. Shere khan and Lunk chop wood together and race. Lord Green sits down with Slater and start to discuss a book he is reading. Slater tells Lord Green how he learned to read. A Mage told him, he could teach him how to have ultimate power. So the mage goes on to teach Slater how to read. He has been trying to teach his village to be different. To learn and try to get along with their neighbors.
We get to the base of the mountain near the Cyclops village. Slater says it is odd that the beacons are off. We continue ahead and Slater gets even more of an uneasy feeling. He asks us if we want to pretend to be captives. Slater wants to go ahead. We agree but only if Chihiro goes with him. As they come upon the village, they see all the villagers have been killed. Slater begins to cry and quotes a passage from his book. He then begins to realize the meaning behind it. We all see a visible change in him. He tells the group, “Come with me. There is much to do.” He takes the group to an old shrine of a Cyclops god. Lord Green helps Slater performs this ritual. The God then gives us a blessing to help get vengeance on our enemies.
We come through a chamber in to a huge chamber. There are Three Trolls, Three Dire Lions, and a Troll Mage. They see the group sneaking up on them and the battle breaks out. The group defeats the enemies. After the Battle, Slater is comprehending whether to stay on the path or go back to his tribes old ways. He see Shere Khan and Chihiro reveling in the battle. Lord Green hands him his book. Thadeus tells him to stay on the path and use the old ways when dealing with the people who destroyed his family.

The Treasure we find is 6200 gold in trade gems. We start collecting Troll Parts to sell. We then also skin the 3 Dire Lions.

We go with the Cyclops’s to help them raid another Cyclops village for women. Salter informs us of the plan he has created. We are to harass the patrols long enough for the Cyclops to steal the women.
We split up form the Cyclops he says we will know when it is time to start the plan. We then arrive in a town called Halten. There are a bunch of refugees in the town. Every house seems to have guards keeping out refugees. We finally finds an inn to stay at. he doesn’t have any rooms. His biggest room is occupied but we can try to convince the noble to share. Shere Khan and Thadeus go hunting for the innkeeper. They bag a Giant Elk. As they come back to town the guards try start to harass them. Thadeus threatens the main guard. They finally let us pass. We get approached by a man who represents the Thulus Family. He offers us 200 gold for the Giant Elk. Shere Khan informs him the elk belongs to somebody else. Thadeus says if he comes by within an hour we will make sure he gets some.
The Innkeeper is very surprised by the elk. He offers us any room we want. Shere Khan just asks for the closest place by the fire. Thadeus just asks for a table in the corner. The man from the keep comes and talks with us. We talk with him for awhile and learn why all these refugees are here. He then invites us to the keep to meet the Leader of the Thulus Family.
We go to the keep the next day and we arrange a meeting. We overhear a conversation between The Lord and a Priest of Peace. The Priest is offering to take all the refugees away. The Lord tells him he will think about it. We meet with Lord Thulus. We then tell him about the God of Peace and what he truly represents. We tell him how we ware working with a Cyclops tribe to go against another. We offer to leave a “message” with the cyclops to leave his town alone for awhile. Lord Thulus offers to let us stay the night.
The next morning the group goes to eat some breakfast and soon realize they have been poisoned. We then see two guards have been killed. We quickly give chase. Shere Khan runs ahead and confronts the assassin. Thadeus is close behind him. They quickly kill the assassin. They then go check on Lord Thulus. We take our leave to go to the cyclops village.


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