Ulfgar Geshalt Campaign

Sixth Adventure

One Eyed Assassins

Cast of Characters
Shere Khan – Tim
Thadeus Aeducan – Billy
Chihiro – Debbie
Pathox the Magnificent – Quinn
Lord Green – Dean

Shere Khan runs across a Cyclops in the marketplace. The cyclops tells him that he and his group are going to kill him in the morning. Shere khan offers to buy him a drink. He brings him over to the Adventurer’s Guild. Most of the group is outside when he arrives. No one can understand what this Cyclops is saying so, Lord Green casts a spell to improve his intelligence. He Informs us that his brother, cousin and him were sent to kill our group. There is a man holding his village hostage until they complete the job. Shere Khan then comes up with a counter offer. We will help them kill this guy if they leave us alone. The cyclops accepts the deal but tells us we have to convince his brother. He is staying at The Guilded Horse. His brother will respond best to acts of strength.
We appear at The Guilded Horse and there is a line with a halfling bouncer. We manage to talk our way in. Lord Green asks the Madame for information. She informs him of the room the cyclops are staying in. It seems everyone in this brothel wants the Cyclops’s gone. The guard near the door casually decides to take a break. He leaves his key where it is easily stolen. Chihiro takes the key without him noticing. He finally realizes the key is gone and leaves.
Chihiro and Shere Khan disguise themselves as maids. Thadeus sneaks in behind them. We see them having a good time doing things we can’t ever unsee. Lord Green and Chihiro sneak closer to their weapons and throw them out the window. The head cyclops notices us and decides to talk it out with us. He is quite articulate and knowledgeable. We finalize the deal to help the Cyclops.
We are traveling with these Cyclops. Their names are Lunk (First Cyclops), Slater (The Smart one), and Screech (The Cousin). We stay at a Bed and Breakfast. Shere khan and Lunk chop wood together and race. Lord Green sits down with Slater and start to discuss a book he is reading. Slater tells Lord Green how he learned to read. A Mage told him, he could teach him how to have ultimate power. So the mage goes on to teach Slater how to read. He has been trying to teach his village to be different. To learn and try to get along with their neighbors.
We get to the base of the mountain near the Cyclops village. Slater says it is odd that the beacons are off. We continue ahead and Slater gets even more of an uneasy feeling. He asks us if we want to pretend to be captives. Slater wants to go ahead. We agree but only if Chihiro goes with him. As they come upon the village, they see all the villagers have been killed. Slater begins to cry and quotes a passage from his book. He then begins to realize the meaning behind it. We all see a visible change in him. He tells the group, “Come with me. There is much to do.” He takes the group to an old shrine of a Cyclops god. Lord Green helps Slater performs this ritual. The God then gives us a blessing to help get vengeance on our enemies.
We come through a chamber in to a huge chamber. There are Three Trolls, Three Dire Lions, and a Troll Mage. They see the group sneaking up on them and the battle breaks out. The group defeats the enemies. After the Battle, Slater is comprehending whether to stay on the path or go back to his tribes old ways. He see Shere Khan and Chihiro reveling in the battle. Lord Green hands him his book. Thadeus tells him to stay on the path and use the old ways when dealing with the people who destroyed his family.

The Treasure we find is 6200 gold in trade gems. We start collecting Troll Parts to sell. We then also skin the 3 Dire Lions.

We go with the Cyclops’s to help them raid another Cyclops village for women. Salter informs us of the plan he has created. We are to harass the patrols long enough for the Cyclops to steal the women.
We split up form the Cyclops he says we will know when it is time to start the plan. We then arrive in a town called Halten. There are a bunch of refugees in the town. Every house seems to have guards keeping out refugees. We finally finds an inn to stay at. he doesn’t have any rooms. His biggest room is occupied but we can try to convince the noble to share. Shere Khan and Thadeus go hunting for the innkeeper. They bag a Giant Elk. As they come back to town the guards try start to harass them. Thadeus threatens the main guard. They finally let us pass. We get approached by a man who represents the Thulus Family. He offers us 200 gold for the Giant Elk. Shere Khan informs him the elk belongs to somebody else. Thadeus says if he comes by within an hour we will make sure he gets some.
The Innkeeper is very surprised by the elk. He offers us any room we want. Shere Khan just asks for the closest place by the fire. Thadeus just asks for a table in the corner. The man from the keep comes and talks with us. We talk with him for awhile and learn why all these refugees are here. He then invites us to the keep to meet the Leader of the Thulus Family.
We go to the keep the next day and we arrange a meeting. We overhear a conversation between The Lord and a Priest of Peace. The Priest is offering to take all the refugees away. The Lord tells him he will think about it. We meet with Lord Thulus. We then tell him about the God of Peace and what he truly represents. We tell him how we ware working with a Cyclops tribe to go against another. We offer to leave a “message” with the cyclops to leave his town alone for awhile. Lord Thulus offers to let us stay the night.
The next morning the group goes to eat some breakfast and soon realize they have been poisoned. We then see two guards have been killed. We quickly give chase. Shere Khan runs ahead and confronts the assassin. Thadeus is close behind him. They quickly kill the assassin. They then go check on Lord Thulus. We take our leave to go to the cyclops village.



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